Here are 17 business ideas that will last forever

In this modern era of the internet, there are many opportunities wide open to do business without ever leaving home. Here are 16 business ideas from home that will last forever.

1. Cake Business

If you have cake cooking skills, you can take advantage of that ability to start a cake business. Types of wet cakes and pastries are equally favored by the public. Especially on special occasions or special days.

There are many kinds of cake businesses that you can do. Starting from the business of Korean cakes, bento cakes, soft cookies, birthday cakes, wet cakes and many more. You can do it only at home.

2. Catering Business

There is another home business idea that you can run if you have cooking skills. You can open an office catering business, diet catering to healthy catering. Opening a food business can generate profits that are not kidding. Of course, the catering business can be an option for those of you who have magic hands when cooking.

3. Accessories Business

Many women like to wear accessories to enhance their appearance. Therefore, the accessories business can provide quite a profitable opportunity for home business people. Especially if you are a creative person and patient to make beautiful accessories.

Accessories in the form of bracelets, necklaces, rings, mask straps, bandanas, scarves and other accessories can be made from beads, beautiful stones, pearls, chains, knitwear and many more. You can sell it through the marketplace or through social media.

4. Bloggers

Blogger can be a promising source of income if you have good writing skills. You only need a PC or laptop capital, internet and a blog site and consistently write content. There have been many successful bloggers and can generate income up to billions.

You can collaborate with certain brands, place advertisements to sell personal products or services through blogs. So, don't underestimate this one home business. If you like writing, try to be more professional by learning copywriting and so on.

5. Write Novels or Comics

Currently, there are many online sites that free their members to write interesting fiction stories. If you have the creativity to develop fictional ideas, of course you can do this one home business. You can write your imagination through story books such as novels or comics. Many young people have taken advantage of their writing talent to write stories on online novel sites so that their writings are given the opportunity to go up to the big screen or movies.

6. Graphic Design Services

If you have skills in graphic design, of course you can open up business opportunities in that field. In the online era like today, graphic design services are needed by many sectors to do branding to rebranding.

You can take advantage of graphic design skills with a freelance system where you can work with outside parties or companies to create advertisements or branding their businesses.

7. Become a Reseller or Dropshipper

To be able to open a business, of course you must have capital. However, if capital is hindered, you can do an online product reseller and dropshipper business. Here, you will play a role in selling or marketing other people's products.

You just need to find a good and reliable supplier of goods. You can market other people's products using your own store name. Buyers who buy goods through dropshippers do not know who the original seller or the original seller of the product was.

8. SEO Writer Services

If you like writing, it never hurts to learn about SEO writers. The author will write articles and content combined with SEO or Search Engine Optimization techniques. Currently, this position is needed to optimize the marketing of products that are tailored to SEO.

Technological developments have made many people turn to the online world. Many people rely on Google to find products or just looking for certain information. To take advantage of this situation, many companies need the services of an SEO writer.

9. Ornamental Fish Cultivation

Ornamental fish cultivation can provide benefits that are not kidding. The reason is, some types of ornamental fish can be sold up to millions of rupiah. Yes, for those lovers of ornamental fish of course the price will not be a problem.

So, if you like to take care of ornamental fish, make it an interesting business field to be involved in. If your business starts with a hobby, of course you probably won't find it difficult when you run the business.

10. Laundry Service

Living in a campus or residential neighborhood with a busy majority of the population? Wow, this could be an opportunity to open a laundry business! Many people, especially the millennial generation or generation Z, are busy with high intensity. So, sometimes they will choose to

Do simple things like paying for services and other people's time to do the laundry. So, this kilogram laundry business can be very profitable if it is carried out.

11. Tailoring Business

Clothing is an important need in life. From your sewing skills, you can open big business opportunities such as tailors, convection to boutiques. Of course, creativity and tidiness are the main benchmarks for developing this business. So, if you have these skills, combine them with business skills so that your sewing business can continue to grow.

12. Pet Care Service

Love taking care of pets? Why not just use it for a home business opportunity? You can open a pet care business for people who are confused when they have to leave their pets at home.

In addition, you can also develop to offer other services such as grooming. On the other hand, you will certainly enjoy meeting new animals and still being able to make your own profit.

13. Grocery Store Business

The grocery store business promises huge profits. In addition, this business can be combined with household matters such as taking care of the house. You can use the front area of ​​the house to open a grocery store. You can sell products such as staples that people always need. Of course, it takes skills to be able to manage finances so that this business can continue to rotate and develop.

14. Franchise or Coffee Shop Business

If you have a large area in front of the house, why not use it to open a coffee shop or franchise business. The reason is, nowadays more and more young people like to hang out in various places such as coffee shops.

You can creatively create a small shop by providing additional facilities such as a comfortable place, free wifi and a delicious but easy to make food menu.

15. Electric refueling station

The emission-free vehicle campaign is increasingly massive, the trend of vehicles without fossil fuels in the future will be even better. Electric fuel will be the main requirement. Well this is a good opportunity that must be done. Don't miss it

16. Selling retail gasoline

It turns out that the business of selling retail fuel can provide unparalleled profits. Especially if your house is on the side of the road or in an area far enough from a gas station. This retail gasoline home business has a higher selling value than the retail gasoline business in general. Fossil fuel vehicles are still high, as long as electric vehicles are still expensive and there is not much infrastructure

17. Stock Trading

Now this is the most interesting business, making money work for us, trading stocks, owning a portfolio of companies. If you are interested, you must equip yourself with stock investment knowledge properly and correctly.

Here are 17 business ideas that will last forever.

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