China plans to destroy Elon Musk's Starlink satellite, why?

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Chinese military researchers have announced their intention to destroy Elon Musk's Starlink satellite system, if he threatens his country's national security. Therefore, they began to develop new anti-satellite weapons. According to a study published in Modern Defense Technology, researchers say that China needs to develop weapons, including systems that can monitor, disable and even destroy the Starlink megaconstellation. "A combination of sweet and hard killing methods should be adopted to lose multiple satellites in the starry connection and destroy the constellation operating system," wrote the research team led by Ren Yuanzhen, 'Beijing Follow-Up and Telecommunications Institute. The plan to attack the StarLink system would require certain things at a relatively low cost, but high efficiency.

Until now, they had suggested that the Chinese government build its own espionage satellite to spy on star links. In addition, discover new ways to hack the system and develop methods to disable network satellites. As reported by Live Science, Friday (05/27/2022); China has prepared several methods to disable satellites. Among them, use microwaves that can interfere with communications, millimeter-resolution lasers to record high-resolution images, and long-range anti-safety missiles (ASAT). However, researchers in China say that these steps will not be enough to destroy the Starlink satellite in earth orbit. They did not specify which type to reinforce the goal.

Of note, StarLink is a satellite internet project developed by SpaceX to transmit broadband internet from space to users around the world. This ambitious project will involve tens of thousands of satellites that have joined the constellations. Since the launch of the first Starlink in 2019, SpaceX has placed more than 2,300 satellites in low ground orbit. Now, the company plans to send up to 42,000 satellites in space, to form a larger megacontulation. Not only for commercial needs, Starlink Internet satellite is also used for military activities. SpaceX has also been bound by a contract with the United States Department of Defense to develop new technology based on the Starlink platform, including sensitive instruments that can detect or follow hypersonic weapons in the atmosphere.

Musk as the former founder of SpaceX is very popular in China, as he is considered a role model associated with technological innovation. However, of late, he and SpaceX have come under fire after two Starlink satellites collapsed on the Chinese space station last year. The Chinese satellite also nearly collided with the Starlink satellite several times. As a result, they filed a complaint with the United Nations because the Chinese satellite was forced to make emergency maneuvers to avoid collisions with the Starlink satellites in July and October 2021. China also has ambitions to compete with Starlink thanks to the launch of its satellite network called Xing Wang, or Starnet. Then, the network can provide global internet access to paying customers.

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