Photo : Colorado River in the US Threatened with Extinction, Water Debit Continues to Shrink until it dries up

Rowboat tours on Lake Powell, part of the Colorado River, were closed because the river's water had receded.

The bottom of Lake Powell is increasingly visible, indicating that the water level of the Colorado River has plummeted to its lowest level since the lake was flooded in the 1960s.

Rising global temperatures are expected to cause changes in water flow in the Colorado River, USA. Even so, there are still tourists who enjoy the atmosphere at Lake Mead, which has experienced a drastic reduction in water flow to its lowest position.

The water level at the Hoover Dam has also decreased drastically due to climate change. As a result, tourism in the Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powell is threatened with closure due to water shortages that have not occurred before since 1960.

The canal in the Glen Canyon Dam has experienced its first drought since 1980. Of course, the condition is troubling for tourism businesses in the surrounding area.

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