Powerful sentences to attract customers

In deciding something, humans are more influenced by emotional reasons, rather than rational reasons. Including in the matter of buying something. Especially women. So, here are some sentences that touch the emotional and rational side of buyers to make it easier to make decisions to buy faster

1. Discount Sentence

Words that include "discount" always appear in every product or service post as an attraction, so that people immediately buy your product. The word discount has become a kind of magnet in promoting online business products. Usually, sentences that include the word "discount" are intensified on Black Friday, so that buyers can buy products at low prices.

One example of an online business promotion sentence with the word "discount" is:

“Still confused about shopping for good shoes for children? Only here, you can enjoy shopping for complete school shoes and get discounts of up to 80%! Get it now before it runs out!”

2. Sentences Free Shipping / Free Shipping

The first example of an online business promotion sentence that you can apply is the use of the sentence free shipping or free shipping. Online business cannot be separated from delivery services. This is because the distance between the buyer and the seller is quite far, so that the delivery of goods requires the services of a third party, namely an expedition or courier service. Usually for this delivery the cost is borne by the buyer, so it can be burdensome for the buyer when transacting.

Let's say the price of an item in your online store is only $200 but because of these postage costs, sometimes buyers have to pay around $30 to $50 more for shipping. By including "free shipping" in your online business promotion words, you can eliminate the objections of your potential customers. So that your customers become interested and the chances of a deal on the transaction are also very high.

An example of an online business promotion sentence with the word "free shipping" is as follows:

"Did you know that today is the last discount promo? Have you kept free shipping and bonuses yet? Tomorrow is free shipping and the bonus will be forfeited, you know! So, hurry up and order now before it runs out!”

3. Cashback Promo Sentences

You can also promote products online using the cashback system. The concept of cashback is the return of a certain amount of money after the consumer makes a purchase with a certain nominal value. Cashback is valid if the purchase is made according to the conditions determined by the online shop seller. The word "cashback" you can insert in a promotional sentence that you make to attract customers.

Examples of promotional sentences with the word "Cashback" are as follows:

“Only here, you can enjoy jumbo size Boba Iced Tea with 60% cashback! Es Kopi Juos, doesn't make you nauseous, and of course, very friendly to your pocket!”

4. Sentences Buy 1 Get 1 Free (Buy 1 Get 1)

For consumers, they will be happy if they get additional value from the purchased product. Meanwhile, for business owners, the concept of “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” is often used, especially to introduce new products while getting profitable profits. The reason is, when conducting a Buy 1 Get 1 Free campaign, producers are actually able to attract interest and sell more products because potential buyers actually buy two products at once.

Examples of online business promotion sentences "Buy 1 Get 1 Free" are:

“Looking for good clothes at affordable prices? Only at this store, you can Buy 1 Get 1 Free for every purchase of X brand clothing products, including casing and tempered glass! Hurry, before they run out!”

5. Warranty Sentence

Warranty is a guarantee of purchase for the customer. This means that you provide a guarantee to potential buyers when something happens to the product you are selling. The buyer will feel the benefit of not spending more when something unwanted happens to the product he buys. Moreover, if the purchase occurs online, the buyer will feel safe and secure in the event of damage to the goods, or goods that are not as expected. Of course, the sentence is quite effective to promote your product.

Examples of business promotion sentences with the word "Warranty" are as follows:

"Looking for a cell phone? Only this shop, get a good spec HP and low price! Enjoy a one year warranty for any damage to your cellphone.”

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