Overthinking is not always bad, there are also positive sides..

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It is a common habit that we sometimes overthink something. This is what is called overthinking or overthinking something. The habit of overthinking is actually a normal thing. However, it's really not good if the portion is too much

everyone has a different ability to respond to excessive thinking, some are quickly resolved, some take a long time to overcome, even days or years. Overthinking is often considered bad because such people think too much about everything, even to the point of estimating all things that may not necessarily happen. Fear of own shadow and imagination. Think about it, people are tired of overthinking. You can go crazy you know.. trapped in your own genjutsu

However, not all things that are considered bad are bad, there is also a positive side to overthinking. Here are 4 positive sides of the habit of overthinking that are rarely realized.

1. Easy self-introspection

The positive side of overthinking that is rarely realized first is that it makes it easy for you to introspect yourself. The habit of overthinking will make it easier for you to find fault with yourself.

By realizing it early, you can do some introspection so you can learn from past mistakes and fix existing shortcomings. With this self-evaluation you can become a person with a better version than before.

2. Already prepared with all the worst possibilities

The positive side of overthinking that is rarely realized is that it tends to make all kinds of plans to imagine the simulation as well. You get used to predicting all the possibilities that will happen to the worst.

The good news is, you become more careful in making decisions and acting. When something doesn't go according to plan, you won't be disappointed because you predicted it beforehand. On the other hand, you will become a more confident person because you are not afraid to be disappointed again.

However, what you need to know is that as much and as good as any plans you make, if God has other wills, that's what will happen. So, it's natural to think about something huh!

3. Be careful every time you make a decision

In a condition, you are often required to think quickly when making decisions. However, it is different with people who have a habit of overthinking. You will be more careful in deciding something by considering various things. So that every decision taken will not cause harm to yourself or others. This is what triggers your critical side of something to be more in-depth in learning something and will be more precise in making decisions

In addition, another advantage of the habit of overthinking is that you can see things from different angles. So when someone asks, you can give your opinion from various points of view because you have thought about it before. The opinions expressed will also not be one-sided, because the opinions expressed are the result of analysis from various sources.

4. More Sensitive to the Surrounding Environment

The habit of overthinking can also make a person pay more attention to the details around him. Because, you become more sensitive even to the smallest things. It's also a good thing because you become more sensitive to your surroundings. Therefore, you are often not considered apathetic or someone who doesn't care. This habit can also help you when making decisions in your daily life.

In addition, you can become more understanding of other people's feelings. more empathetic. When talking to other people, you will subconsciously choose the right words or answers when you want to reply to that person's words. Indirectly, you have tried to keep the person's feelings so that they do not get hurt.

So those are the 4 positive sides of the habit of overthinking that are rarely realized and you need to know. Now, you know that the habit of overthinking isn't all negative or bad, right? However, you also need to underline that anything in excess is also bad. So, be good at managing your overthinking, OK!

Live and think properly so that the brain remains cool and the heart remains cool

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