An easy way to influence the other person without speaking

Every human being is unique and different, there are only things that we will find uniqueness. In communication, for example, there are some who are comfortable and some are not comfortable to talk to. However, the problem comes back to each individual. If we are able to read the interlocutor then we will easily communicate our wishes to them even though we do not speak at all. Want to know how? let's see the following presentation:

The first is to increase self-confidence

You can influence others by increasing your confidence by giving them support, using strong words and avoiding doubtful, winged and ambiguous words. Then, other people will believe in you with the solutions and answers you give them so that they will find the answers they want. Clear and unequivocal answers. That way, you can influence other people and other people will follow you because they have a perception in their minds that you can be trusted.

Want to encourage someone to have the same thoughts? Be like a mirror to him

If you see other people imitating your body language subconsciously, you can be sure that they like or agree with you. With you having the same thoughts with them then you will understand what they want. So you don't give him a disappointing answer. People tend to agree with what they think is of the same mind or perception

Make sure you appear honest without lies

If you give answers with lies then it will be a big problem and if you give wrong information then other people will not trust you anymore. Because, the condition of influencing others earns other people's trust in us.

Tilt your head forward or backward to change the attitude of the other person

Research shows that the more you lower your head, the lower you will be judged. Whereas the more you raise your head, you will be judged to be more dominant. But anything that's excessive is a good sign, because that's the key, be natural, sometimes looking down sometimes looking up doesn't need to be made up.

If you want to look more important? Try to spread your body movement wider

Powerful people need more space. They will “stretch out” their arms and legs, making broad gestures that tend to fill the space. As a scientific fact, tall people statistically tend to be more fluent in their profession than short people.

If you want someone to fall in love with you, look them in the eye

Simple eye contact can make someone fall in love with you. Not sharp eyes. In this study, several pairs of strangers were asked to seriously look into each other's eyes for two minutes. The majority of them stated that they finally developed feelings of attraction to each other.

How do you judge if someone is lying? Look at her body

Notice the contradictions in his body. Apart from the eyes and face, see if the body part is facing strangely. If someone's face looks calm but their hands or fingers are restless, beware. Also pay attention to his feet. If his legs are facing or crossing strangely, he is most likely lying. Pay attention to unnecessary movements such as scratching the ear or nose, eyes looking to the right and the like

You can dominate the conversation by moving your body closer to the person you are talking to

You can lead a conversation by leaning forward when you want the other person to stop babbling. Or use hand gestures to fill the space between you. The gesture is the same as standing in a class at school when you want to be selected when answering something.

Even if you lose a match, act like a winner.

There is body language associated with defeat that other people can easily read. In the world of sports, this attitude can lower the "selling price" of the athlete concerned. Want a better career? Puff out your chest and walk like a winner. Admitting defeat in a race shows that you have a big heart and act like a mature leader

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