8 Easy Ways to See People's Characters

Have you ever guessed the characteristics of someone around you? at the office or on the road? From the first meeting, sometimes you can already guess what the person is like, their credibility and performance, even their hobbies. Here are ways and some small things that can be considered to describe a person's characteristics.

The first thing that can be seen is from the eye. If our interlocutor maintains eye contact while talking, it means he is an aggressive and somewhat scary person. However, if he maintains eye contact around 60% then his character is fun, friendly, trustworthy, and interesting. Lack of eye contact when communicating can reflect a lack of will and self-control.

The second thing is that after the eyes in drawing someone's personality is done shaking hands, we usually do this when we meet new people. Usually this has implications for careers. Usually people who shake hands weakly are often described as people who lack self-confidence, are shy, and don't like to accept challenges. Otherwise, he is a confident and expressive person. But shaking hands too strongly is not good either. Unless you've known each other closely and haven't seen each other for a long time.

The third thing to draw someone is from handwriting, as I've discussed before. A graphologist Kathi McKnight explained that large fonts tend to be more extroverted, while small fonts are more introverted. In addition to the type of writing, the series of letters that tend to slant to the right means they have a sentimental and friendly nature. If the circuit is upright then they are pragmatic. While writing is more inclined to the left then they have an introspective nature.

The fourth thing is the choice of color, Color also affects a person's characteristics. Black usually represents sensitive, detailed, and artistic characters while white is closely related to those who are logical and organized. Green symbolizes loyalty and affection. Red as the color of courage will encourage someone to be proactive. Yellow is a symbol of joy that describes a creative person. Blue is described as a color that is stable, sensitive, and likes to seek the attention of others.

The fifth can be seen from the way we treat support employees like they are also a reflection of the way we treat others. Although it looks simple, many people judge a person's character in this way. It will be very visible, especially when faced with 2 or more other people, how to distinguish, voice intonation, attention and everything.

The sixth thing is discipline about time. So as a professional person, of course you can provide an analysis of someone who values ​​time or not. People who are punctual are generally disciplined, respect others and have clear targets. If on the other hand, the person is more or less like belittling other people, a bit lazy, and not being able to use his time well.

The seventh is how to communicate, if they tend to talk about themselves there is a high probability that they are stubborn, selfish and tend to be a bit difficult to share. And when they share very little about themselves, they are friendly, humble, and sharing. The dominant portion of the conversation.

And the eighth is the time span for checking cellphones. If your interlocutor often checks his cellphone in the middle of a conversation, it can be illustrated that he has a lack of respect, is not a good listener, and is less able to interact directly with other people.

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