Handwriting can describe a person's personality

Hi guys. Did you know that someone's writing can actually describe their personality? The science he studied was Graphology. a science that analyzes handwriting to read personality by paying attention to a combination of layout, movement, speed, size, slope, distance, height, width, pressure, etc.

Everyone has a different handwriting, this means that everyone must have a different personality. Yes, it's not fun if everyone has the same personality. Can this life be too lonely if all the inhabitants of the earth are introverts. or even this world will always be chaotic if all of its inhabitants are angry and aggressive people who nudge them a little bit straight away. Everyone has a different personality so that they complement each other and run this life dynamically...

let's just read the handwriting criteria below so you can read your own personality or your partner

1. Strong pressure vs Light pressure

Research shows that people who write with light stress tend to be calm and relaxed. they are more sensitive & understand someone but are often difficult to make decisions because they are easily influenced and moody. but on the other hand, the person who writes with strong pressure illustrates that he is the type of person who is enthusiastic, principled, motivated, and has aspirations in the future that have been planned, guys. but unfortunately people with writing characteristics like this have a bad side, namely they tend to have difficulty adapting to their environment.

2. Consistency of writing style

Everyone has their own unique style of writing. So, what happens if the writing style is inconsistent? sometimes neat, sometimes messy and can change over time. It turns out that these rich people are moody and tend to be fickle. they are easy to express their emotions and feelings all the time.

3. Italics

take a look at what you wrote again. does it tilt to the right or to the left? it turns out that people with a tilt tend to the right, are people with open emotions, oriented to life ahead, and are the type of people who are easy going, very chill. On the other hand, people whose handwriting tends to slant to the left are closed, mysterious, sensitive, and have a hard time moving on from memories with their ex, on the other hand, people whose writing style tends to be upright and neat are people who are easy to focus on, stable and principled.

4. Small font vs Big font

Have you ever come across people's writings that are small or even very large? it turns out that someone with large, clear writing signifies a friendly, extroverted, and strong personality. While people with small writing style are introverted, closed and not confident.

5. Spacing between words

People whose writing style is large and wide are people who are closed off and find it difficult to socialize. while people whose writing style is spaced between words are narrow, they are those who can communicate well.

7. Letters are not connected properly

if the letters a, e and g are not connected or are slightly open at the top, this rich person is a person who is careless in completing tasks. Usually lazy, arbitrarily, or people who are depressed or under pressure.

6. Duration of writing

If you're a fast-paced person, chances are you're impatient and don't like wasting time. On the other hand, if you write it for a long time like waiting for the food to be cooked, chances are you are an independent person and like to follow the rules, looking for safety.

So that's some criteria for writing style that describes a person's personality. But even though handwriting analysis can tell you about a person's personality, personality can change and develop over time, increasing experience and knowledge. Hope it inspires. Because every human being can change for the better

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