There is something that is becoming a trend for marketing activities, namely adding hashtags. It is quite effective as a marketing tool, but not all of them optimize hashtags as a marketing tool. In fact, if you can use hashtags strategically, this will help us in developing our business.

Therefore, we need to know how to implement it so that it can provide benefits, such as expanding reach, strengthening the content displayed, reaching the target market, and increasing rankings on the Google search engine.

Then, what are the important hashtags that can help in a marketing strategy?

Research before deciding which hashtag to use

In previous articles, it is often stated how important it is to do research before running a campaign, as well as research in determining hashtags in marketing strategies on each social media channel.

By doing research, it will let us know what the volume and frequency of various posts are related to the hashtags that have been selected. In addition, we can find out what hashtags are usually trending but still have a common thread with the brand message we want to convey.

And one easy way to find out which hashtags might be targeted, can be searched for by studying what hashtags are commonly used by the audience and attracting the target audience's interest to be involved in the conversation. Or we can also do it by doing social media listening.

Brand hashtags and campaigns in every social media channel

When determining a brand hashtags, we can use the name or brand tagline so that the audience is more familiar with it. Or another way that we can do is by using short but unique words, so that later they are easy to remember and can also invite people to want to use the hashtag through their personal content, and this will allow us to get new content for free through hashtags. the.

In addition, we need to use these brand hashtags consistently on every social media channel that we run in order to make the audience more quickly catch the message we want to convey.

Not only brand hashtags, of course we also need campaign hashtags, namely when we are undergoing a campaign. One of the functions of using campaign hashtags is to encourage promotions or contests that we are running, where this will greatly help increase awareness and engagement of the content in question. Just like brand hashtags, campaign hashtags need to be short and unique to make it easy for the audience to remember.

One thing we can do so that this hashtag can run optimally is to continue to monitor the development of the volume and increase in hashtags on public social media, of course, so that we can immediately find out the response from the community to the related hashtag, and if it feels less successful, we can immediately try to raise other hashtags.

Product hashtags

Usually people often search for and use common product hashtags. And we can use these hashtags too to get the audience's attention. One of the best ways to post with product hashtags is to position yourself as a customer, making it easier for us to find a relationship between the product and the target audience.

Content hashtags

Content hashtags are usually general in nature, only relate to the content displayed and do not need to be specific to contain a business or marketing message from the brand. Because the main function of content hashtags is to improve SEO and so that the audience continues to get updates from our brand.

Some general categories that are commonly used to strengthen these hashtags include product hashtags, lifestyle hashtags, event hashtags, and location hashtags.

Trending Hashtags

We can use trending hashtags so that brands can participate in interesting conversations in the community. However, we still cannot follow all the trending hashtags, but must choose which hashtags are still related to our brand. The goal is that the content presented is not considered spam by the audience and does not reduce their trust in the brand.

Using trending hashtags will also increase the potential for your brand message to be seen by the wider community, and provide a little bit of fame over a period of time. This of course can provide benefits, especially in terms of increasing awareness and engagement with our brand. Another function of using trending hashtags is to connect with new audiences and improve good relationships with existing customers.

Location Hashtags

If our business is based on a local community, the way to attract customer enthusiasm is to use location-specific hashtags so that more and more people around our business get to know the related brand. For example, the hashtags #Philadelpia, #holywood, #Neworleans or other locations. And that closeness will later make other people interested in the products or services that we offer.

Event hashtags

Event-based hashtags will be able to attract the attention of the audience if we include them in content updates on social media. There are also many events that can be included for our brand's social media content. Starting from events organized by local communities to major global celebrations such as Father's Day, Independence Day and others. Or we can also use these event hashtags for events organized by our own brands such as product launches or live webinars.

Lifestyle hashtags

The way to market our products to the public using lifestyle hashtags is to find out the lifestyle demographics of potential consumers. After finding that demographic, we can determine the lifestyle that is closest to our brand, make it hashtags and include it in some content, so this can make us connect with the audience faster.

Hashtags in the end can indeed be a tool to be able to maximize marketing strategies. But we need to place it properly so that more and more targeted audiences can see and participate in the hashtags that we run.

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