Growth Marketing Strategy

Have you ever heard of growth marketing? A marketing strategy to increase sales

This strategy is based on the premise that successful marketing is no longer just about being at the top of the marketing funnel and getting thousands of new customers.

This strategy is more about getting customers who will last a long time.

However, what is meant by growth marketing? What is its role for the success of a company? Come on, see more in the following openguestpost article.

What is Growth Marketing?

Adapting New Breed Marketing, growth marketing is a systematic process that combines brand marketing strategy with performance marketing to get customers that match the company's criteria.

The marketing team will go through the process of designing and experimenting to get the users their brand needs.

If executed neatly, this strategy will later help users on the site. That way, they will buy the product continuously and inform others of the company's services.

In a company, growth marketing is an analytical strategy that focuses more on marketing data rather than the creativity aspect of a marketer.

Experiments are aimed at improving the growth process and scalability of the business, and it is not uncommon for an experiment to fail.

Therefore, growth marketers must be comfortable with failure and have a myriad of backup plans.

Growth marketers must have the best solution that can handle experimentation from all aspects.

The objective of this marketing strategy is revenue growth through the activation, retention, and monetization of existing users and not only through the acquisition of new customers.

Growth Marketer Responsibilities

When a company implements a growth marketing strategy, members of the marketing team will hold the title of growth marketer.

Their tasks will change and adapt to their newly adopted strategy.

Approximately, what is the daily life of the marketing team like when growth marketing has been implemented as their strategy? Here's the explanation.

1. Customer research

As openguestpost explained, in order for this strategy to run smoothly, marketers need information about the needs of their customers.

So, every day, growth marketers will do research and filter as many user aspirations as possible.

Usually, marketers will do research on the company's official platform, official social media accounts owned by brands, and communities where customers often discuss.

However, their main option is to interact with hard users by phone or email to gain more in-depth knowledge.

2. Brand marketing

Launching Advance B2B, if a company launches a new product, growth marketers will choose the option to run awareness-raising tactics for customers that match the brand criteria.

Strategies such as influencer marketing, organizing or sponsoring an event, video marketing, and guest blogging are the choices of marketers.

On the other hand, if a product does not receive a lot of demand, it is likely that there has been a mistake in its marketing strategy.

Usually growth marketers will run a new engagement strategy where the product will be placed on many company platforms with adequate discounts.

3. Marketing automation

To help companies reap for the bigger ones, marketing automation is a priority that must be formed by the growth marketer team.

The function of this system is to automate the process and measure the performance of the marketing strategy used by the company.

Growth marketers can design, build, and optimize drip campaigns, automated email onboarding sequences, chatbots, lead capture forms, and workflow observations.

4. Analyze and report data

In growth marketing, marketers will play more with data than with creativity.

Often they will be dealing with quantitative marketing information as well as customer data from multiple sources of marketing automation platforms, CRM, and product backends.

Their task is to convert the data into hypotheses in a concise form, such as a visualization or slideshow that is practical and attractive.

What Makes a Growth Marketing Strategy Different?

According to Useproof, traditional marketing strategies involve methods that can drain a budget without a well-thought-out plan.

Examples are the use of Google Adwords and product campaigns with some copy writing.

This strategy can be a great way to drive traffic to your site and bring your business to the top of the marketing funnel.

In addition, awareness of the company's brand and the number of users acquired also increased.

okay, that's a brief explanation of openguestpost regarding growth marketing strategy.

In essence, this strategy is more focused on ways to retain users rather than efforts to increase customer acquisition rates.

Because this strategy is based on research and experimentation, it's not uncommon for the marketing team's efforts to fail. Because it is very flexible and requires extensive research

However, in order for the strategy to run smoothly, marketers must be persistent and always ready to design new plans.


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