What is the Law of Attraction, what are its benefits?

Although this has not been scientifically tested. But it's been proven. The law of attraction is a concept that states positive thoughts that will also have a positive impact on one's life. On the other hand, negative thinking will produce the same thing.

The philosophy of the law of attraction or the law of attraction is rooted in positive thinking which will also have a positive impact on one's life. On the other hand, negative thinking will produce the same thing.

That is, thinking is an energy that can attract things around. Aspects covered in it also vary from health, relationships, and also finances. However, scientific evidence to support this is still very limited.

So.. What is the law of attraction?

Some of the universal principles that underlie the law of attraction include:

Similarities attract each other

According to this law, like things are attracted to each other, including an individual who feels more comfortable around like-minded people. This principle applies to both positive and negative things.

When a person tends to think negatively, negative experiences will also approach. On the other hand, positive thinking will bring you closer to what you want.

Filled life and mind

There is also the principle of nature abhor a vacuum which means that the mind and life will always be filled. It's just a matter of how someone fills it, whether with positive or negative things. It is emphasized the importance of filling it with positive things.

The present is always perfect

This law also focuses on the idea that there is much that can be done to improve the present. So, even if something is wrong with the present, this law suggests focusing energy on how to perfect the moment that is being lived. 

How to do it?

According to the law of attraction, a person can create his own reality. Focus your mind, that's what will be brought into reality. Although there is no scientific evidence that justifies this law, there are several ways that can be done to do it, such as:

Always be thankful

Create a mood board to help be grateful for the little things that may often go unnoticed. Or it could be by starting the day by being grateful for 3 simple things when you just woke up in the morning.

Looking for the positive in all situations

Instead of draining your energy by focusing on what went wrong, try to train yourself to accept the situation as it is. This is different from giving up and being reluctant to fight, it's just trying not to keep grumbling and complaining when the situation is chaotic.

Realistic goal visualization

Doing real visualization can be done in different ways. For example, by writing a journal while describing what positive and negative thoughts accompany the path to realizing that goal.

Using positive affirmations or positive self-talk

If the voices in your head are too loud with skepticism, try to divert them by doing positive self-talk every day. In the long run, this method will become easier and even the opposite, which is difficult to maintain negative thoughts.

It is true that the law of attraction is not an instant solution to everything. Making it happen is not easy. Sometimes it's hard to find a way to think positively when the situation goes beyond expectations.

However, this kind of habit can build a habit of being optimistic about life. It's not impossible, this can whip up the motivation to make dreams come true.

Are there any drawbacks?

The main drawback of the law of attraction is that although the concept is so good, there is no real action behind it. It is not clear what things need to be done in order to realize this law of attraction.

Not only that, this law has also drawn criticism because people who adhere to it may actually blame themselves when something negative happens. Primarily, things beyond their control such as accidents, injuries, shaky company conditions, or illness.

Though, remember that there are many situations that can get out of control. What you can control is how you respond to the situation.

This is where the role of the law of attraction is to replace negative thoughts with optimism. This law can be very useful because it provides strength when faced with challenges.

So this science teaches to always think positively, feel positive and behave positively.

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