17 Simple Ways to Read Someone's Character

If you master this knowledge, social and marketing activities will be more effective. One of the skills that need to be possessed is the ability to read other people's characters correctly. Reading someone's character is useful to find out the best way to deal with it, because as social beings, of course, we will very often deal with various people who have different characteristics.

If we can't read a little of the character of the other person who is being faced, chances are that the communication process can't take place well and smoothly. Reading people's characters can also be an exciting and challenging activity. 

This activity will challenge our intelligence to be able to guess the nature of other people correctly, especially in people we don't know well. Not only in the field of work, in everyday life we ​​will definitely have to deal with many people whose real character is unknown.

Guessing Other People's Characters This

ability to read someone's character is needed almost all the time. By knowing the character of a particular person, we can predict what that person will do under certain conditions, so as not to give the wrong response or stimulation when interacting. Several ways to read someone's character can be done through the following things:

1. Facial expressions

Often our emotions will be very easy to read on the face and become an easy way to read someone's character. For example, deep lines on the forehead indicate someone who often thinks too much or worries too much. Wrinkled lines in the corners of the eyes indicate someone who smiles often. The bent lips reveal anger and bitterness. A pinched jaw and chin are signs of tension.

2. How to shake hands

When meeting someone or getting acquainted with new people, we will automatically shake hands to mark the introduction. Shaking hands can be an effective way to read someone's character. A strong handshake indicates someone who has high self-confidence, while a weak handshake can indicate a person's lack of confidence, also showing that he is always looking for the easy way in doing things. One study showed that people who shook hands tightly were extroverted, expressive and not shy.

3. Non-verbal habits

Several studies have revealed that people who like to bite their nails or pull their hair and scratch their scalp and various other non-verbal languages ​​are people who tend to demand perfection in everything or are perfectionists. As such, they are people who find it difficult to relax completely.

4. Timing

People who are always not on time will almost certainly get a negative image. The negative image doesn't just form. Active people will definitely come on time, because they are people who really value time. However, actually people who often come late do not mean they are people who don't respect other people. It could be that the person has an easygoing character so they don't see the need to come on time.

5. Seeing his handwriting

The form of handwriting can be a way of reading a person's character and can reveal many things about a person's personality. The science of handwriting analysis is called graphology.

  • Capital letters indicate that the author is an oriented person.

  • While lowercase letters will indicate that the author is a closed person.

  • Writing that is slanted to the left or right shows a friendly and sentimental nature. 

  • Letters that slant to the left alone indicate people who like to introspect themselves.

  • Upright letters indicate someone who is pragmatic.

6. How to walk

How to read a person's character can be done through observing the way a person walks. Notice how a person walks with a variety of different gait as follows:

  • A brisk gait that tends to put weight forward indicates a person who is productive and logical thinking, but tends to be cold and competitive.

  • How to walk on tiptoe with eyes pointing down shows people who tend to be polite and introverted.

  • Walking with the chest forward, shoulders back and head held high indicates a person who has a pleasant personality, charismatic and sociable, although there is a tendency to grab attention that is not directed at him Thefocuses

  • way of walking thaton the weight of the legs, it shows that the person is more interested in other people rather than work, focusing more on personal life than career. 

If you are part of a group, then this person will be easily distracted.

7. How to make eye contact

Many people do not make eye contact even though they are dealing with the other person. People who make proper eye contact are confident people and socially dominant. Know how to build a critical attitude, how to influence the other person's mind, and how to mature yourself in dealing with problems.

8. How he treats inferior people

It is said that we can see a person's true personality based on the way he treats other people who are in a lower position. We can see how to read someone's character, for example, when that person treats restaurant waiters, security guards, shop assistants, and so on. Their bad treatment of inferior people can strengthen our impression of them.

9. How to drink from a cup

The next way to read someone's character can be seen from his behavior when he is drinking from a cup. A person who looks into a cup while drinking is likely to be introspective, self-aware, idealistic and focused. Whereas people whose eyes fall on the rim of a cup while drinking, are likely to be impressionable, cheerful, and environmentally conscious, open and easy to trust others.

10. Habits with cell phones

Many people find it difficult to get rid of their cellphones in this day and age. How to read a person's character can be done by looking at his habits in using a mobile phone. People who check their cellphones to see emails or write statuses on social media are people who are less stable in the emotional aspect. Also know about how to love yourself, how to be a fun person, and how to easily adapt to a new school for your child.

10. How to eat

Observing how a person eats can also be a reliable way of reading characters on several occasions. Observe some of the ways other people eat, such as the following:

  • People who eat slowly are usually people who like to be in control and know how to appreciate life.

  • People who like to try - try various foods are people who like challenges and dare to take risks.

  • People who always choose food tend to be easily anxious and have problems with their emotions. While the person who separates the food on his plate according to the type of food, then that person is usually a person who likes to be careful with details.

11. The shopping style

Way someone shop sometimes can also be a suitable way to see or assess his character and personality. Consider the following most common people's shopping styles:

  • There are people who are conscientious and will check every product they buy before choosing one. This shows that this person is able to analyze every information he receives and pay attention to detail.
  • There are also people who don't take long to decide and buy certain products while shopping. This means the person pays less attention to detail and pays more attention to general information.

12. How to carry a bag A

person's habits when he carries a bag can also be observed for how to read a person's character. Different bag positions can produce different conclusions for that person's character.

  • The position of the bag or wallet being carried is under the arm, meaning that the person who carries it is a person who takes care of himself and emphasizes his social status.

  • People who sling bags in a position in front of the body are people who attach importance to security and ease of access. 

  • A sling bag with a rear facing position is a cool, calm and calmer person.

  • Backpackers are more independent people and like to take care of other people close to them. 

  • People who carry handbags tend to be more assertive, organized and more efficient.

13. How to communicate

Seeing a person's character can be known through the way that person communicates. This is the most visible trait that will clearly show a person's character. If someone tends to like to talk about themselves, they are likely to be stubborn, selfish and difficult to share. On the other hand, if a person listens to others more than talks about himself, chances are that person is friendly, humble and easy to share.

14. Pay attention to the use of written words The

Number of positive and negative words in a message written by someone either through a cell phone or handwritten can describe a large part of a person's character. By paying attention to the use of words and the choice of words, you can estimate how the character of the person really is. You can also apply a way to always think positively so that your character looks positive in the eyes of others.

15. Bedtime

People who wake up early are more likely to be introverted and focus on logic supported by concrete information. They are also more likely to be people who always please others. While people who sleep at night, may be people who are more ready to take risks, more creative, impulsive and more difficult to adjust.

16. Musical

Taste The tendency of a person's musical taste can show personality up to four main groups, according to Rob Brooks in his book "Sex, Genes, and Rock and Rock and Roll, How Evolution Has Shaped The Modern World" namely:

  • People who like blues, classical music , jazz, and folk show characters who are more emotionally stable, open, and have above average intelligence.

  • People who like rock, alternative and heavy metal music, signify openness, athleticism, and intelligence above average as well.

  • People who prefer country, religious, and pop music are more likely to agree but not open up. They are extroverts who are often over-wealthy, politically conservative, and athletic.

  • People who enjoy rap, hip hop, soul, funk, and electronic music are more compromising, athletic, politically liberal, unafraid to speak their mind, and are the most open.

If you want to understand someone, you can do how to read someone's character by observing the various things that have been informed above. The importance of understanding how a person's character is on the inside, and not what he shows on the outside, we can do by paying attention to some of these factors. 

No less important that our intuition also plays a role in predicting a person's character. This intuition is the result of our observation of various non-verbal factors and various subtle cues shown by others. Intuition allows us to see things that are deeper than others have shown.

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