Instagram Takeover, worth a try for your business development

One choice of tactics to build awareness for marketing activities through social media influencers on Instagram can attract engagement, or attract new customers for your brand, namely Instagram Takeover.

If you have previously worked with influencers through sponsored content, this Instagram Takeover could be another way to increase exposure to your brand, while still providing interesting content to your audience.

Instagram Takeover is a method or type of campaign in influencer marketing, when influencers create and share content through (or log into) your brand account. Provisions on what the content will be like must also be determined at the beginning of the process, there is an agreement.

Therefore, make sure that the influencer understands exactly what they can and cannot post, as well as other important things to know about your brand. Especially if your brand has regulations or is related to quite strict commercial and marketing regulations.

Of course, before the content from the influencer is published, as a channel manager, you are still required to check and do approval before the content is finally broadcast. If done in the right way and process, this tactic can provide efficient results because there is potential for collaboration and cross-promoting content on social media.

Then, what are the other advantages of implementing this type of campaign?

Attract the attention of a niche audience group

The possibility of cross-promoting content from Instagram Takeover allows you to expose groups of audiences who have never seen your content, or are not even aware of your brand's existence on social media.

Imagine, like a television program that invites celebrities, with a large fan base and have never watched the event before. Because his idol appeared on the show, fans tuned in to the program and watched it. So this kind of takeover gives you the opportunity to reach new and niche audience groups, to connect with your brand.

Gain credibility instantly

This model can also be considered as influencer marketing which is relatively easy and inexpensive. The reason is that the targeted audience generally follows certain influencers on social media. Therefore, one effective way to gain their trust is to show that the relevant influencer supports your brand.

In addition, you can manage budget allocations more efficiently. Starting from working with only one influencer, then, slowly, increasing the number along with building good relationships with other influencers. Therefore, through this takeover model, your connection with various influencers on social media will also strengthen.

Serving authentic and interesting content

The content on your social media channels also becomes more attractive to follow because there is content from influencers who have an authentic storytelling style, but still match the characteristics of your brand.

The content that appears will also give a fresh impression to the audience who has followed your brand's social media accounts. As for the audience who have not followed, so they want to follow due to its authenticity; rather than simply being affordable via posts advertised on Instagram.

Regarding the form of content, the influencer can demonstrate the product or service offered in a context that is closer to the audience; so that the marketing message you want to convey is more easily accepted by the targeted audience.

Creating urgency for the audience to take certain desired actions

Instagram Takeovers generally run in a short amount of time, so there's an element of urgency embedded; especially if the content contains online promos or contests. And from there, the brand has the opportunity to maintain a relationship with the audience by inviting them to take certain actions on the content published by the influencer, for further engagement; for example, subscribe or a unique code (voucher code).

To connect with influencers who can help you start running Instagram Takeover, you can find them easily. You can go through the artist manager that you think is good

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