Understanding SEO strategies for Optimizing Content in the Eyes of Search Engines

One of the main goals of content marketing activities is to increase exposure and increase the popularity of related brands in cyberspace, so that they can attract many people to visit websites or digital channels used by brands. For that, one of the effective ways is to appear optimally in search engines, or it can be called search engine optimization (SEO).

If optimal, the content that we create and present is easier and has a greater chance of being indexed by search engines like Google. In effect, people find it easier to find content from brands through certain key words or phrases they search for on Google. And to be optimal in terms of SEO, it helps us first know how it works.

According to Search Engine Watch, search engines do their best job of referring users to the most relevant sources of content related to certain keywords. The things that search engine algorithms consider from content sources are:

Content: Search engines detect the content quality of the theme, textual quality, title, description, and their relation and relevance to certain keywords.

Performance: How fast is the content source's site? Is it technically good performance?

Authority: Whether the content source has sufficient content in quantity, as well as high quality to be worthy of being referred to by other content sources.

User Experience: How does it look? Does the linked site have easy-to-use navigation? Or the related content source has a high bounce rate?

After knowing the considerations of search engines to determine the source of content related to certain keywords, we come to know what should be our focus to optimize SEO. For guidance, here are some things you can do right away:

SEO is all about keywords

Before creating content, one of the important things to do is research the words or key phrases you want to target. Because, after all, keywords are one of the things that search engine indicators identify whether a content is relevant or not, in search engines.

Usually, in this regard, it is recommended to use keywords that are expected to be frequently used by the target audience when searching for certain information. To be able to determine the right keywords, you can check the method in the article Tips for Determining Keywords to Increase Website Traffic.

After that, several aspects that need to be inserted keywords include: Title, article description, content, images and alt text, as well as on content links (URL). That way, search engines will find it easier when indexing the content created, and have a greater chance of being found related to certain keywords.

Serve relevant content

The most important thing for content to get attention from search engines is to ensure the quality of the content presented. Because, it is the quality of the content that attracts people to consume it, so that it not only increases the flow of visitors, but also public trust in the content we create. Automatically, the authority and relevance of the content source becomes strong.

Although it was mentioned above that keywords are important, however, direct the main focus on the quality of the content; don't overwhelm the content with specific words or phrases. Enough at least once at the beginning, and once at the end of the content. Because too much can also make content into the spam category. In addition, repetition of words makes sentences unreadable

So, don't force keywords into the content, as much as possible. Prioritize the quality of content, strengthen our characteristics in viewing a particular issue or topic. Because our content priority remains the targeted audience, not the search engines.

Update content regularly

Consistency is also important here. Regularly updating the channel with content is also a good indicator to determine the relevance of the content source. That way, our site will be fresh and always show new content for the targeted audience, also giving them more reasons to come back again. People like new things

Include links to information taken from other sources

Referring to the original source of the information we use from the content makes our content channel deeper into the cyber information network. And instead of writing "click here", it's better to write the name or title of the destination page, and provide a link to the word or sentence (usually called anchor text).

The reason is, it can increase the relevance of the content that we serve, because it is very likely that the title or words related to the source also contain certain keywords that have value in the eyes of search engines.

So, SEO does have an important role for brands that do marketing through various content. In addition to making the content we present easier to find the target audience, in the future, search engine index results

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