Recognizing 5 Consumer Characters and How to Deal With Them

Every human being has its own character, as well as business consumers. Every consumer must have their own view of a product, and this is the basis for making decisions to buy or not, participate or not.

As a businessman, you must understand the character of all consumers and deal with them in the right way. This is important, considering that in this business you can find consumers with diverse characters.

In order for potential customers to make purchases and sales run well, then you as a businessman you must recognize some of the characteristics of consumers and how to deal with them

1. Potential customers

These potential customers are at the highest level because all business people or anyone wants to get consumers like this. Even though they haven't made a purchase, basically this one consumer has the potential to become a buyer or even a customer.

In general, potential customers already have an interest in your business. This is usually shown in various ways, such as visiting your business website, asking for product information, and so on. His curiosity is high and he has sufficient funds and even time for you

You will find it easier to reach and make these potential consumers make a purchase. Just give a little inducement, then potential consumers will be quick in making decisions. You can do this in many ways, such as providing discount offers and more. Don't forget to convince your consumers in advance about the quality of your product, so that it is easier for them to make a decision to buy. They are very open and warm people to discuss about the products you offer. If you can they take good care of your relationship

2. New customers

These new consumers are people who are still adapting and will buy your product for the first time. They are still learning. Consumers like this can become repeat customers, if you are able to make them feel comfortable and happy while using the product. But before that, your main task, of course, is to focus on getting them to make their first purchase. Accompany them as they explore their curiosity about your product.

Provide easy access to your business website, so that these first consumers don't find it difficult when visiting. Present complete information about your product, including various advantages that will make them sure to buy.

You can explain product details, how to use it, advantages and various other positive things as selling power. In addition, also include your business contact, so that these new consumers can easily communicate and find solutions, if at any time they experience problems with the products they buy. They are easy to get off at the start if you let them down. Make sure your presence is the SOLUTION for them

3. Impulsive consumers

Impulsive consumers are the fastest consumers in making decisions and making purchases. To get customers like this, you usually don't need a persuasive approach. They are emotional consumers. and don't really care about finances. They buy because they want to. not because of need.

You only need to provide convenience and comfort, so the purchase is very likely to happen quickly. Impulsive consumers will usually make a purchase when they find it easy to meet their needs. You must be able to take advantage of this gap well in business. The key is in satisfying service.

4. Consumer discount

These consumers are visual and mathematical consumers. If you look at the name, it is clear that this one consumer will need more services in the form of profitable discounts. Discount consumers generally want a much lower price offer on every product they need. It's easy to attract them as long as there is a DISCOUNT or PROMO writing

They are reluctant to buy products without special offers in the form of profitable discounts. If you want to get consumers like this, then you must provide discounts in your products.

Consumers like this will not be loyal and will leave when the discount you offer runs out, or even when they find other attractive discounts on your competitors' products. Maybe they are not loyal but there are so many consumers like this. and Young

To make them loyal, you need to convince them that your business services are professional and can provide all the needs of consumers to the maximum. They are not loyal but most people are discount consumers. DISCOUNTS, PROMOTIONS, FREE, and CHEAP This is a beautiful word for every human being

5. Loyal customers

Yes, these are loyal consumers, they are consumers who continue to be a faucet for your business, they already believe and do not hesitate to be a marketing tool for you voluntarily. They are happy to recommend your product to others.

Loyal customers will enjoy their experience with your product and remain loyal customers. You can even get more new customers from this one customer. Keep providing quality products and the best service, so you don't lose this loyal customer. Loyal consumers will hold a lot of other consumers, they attract more new customers.

For this reason, Understand Consumers and Develop Sales Strategies well to deal with different consumers by understanding the character of consumers. By understanding the character of consumers, your marketing activities will be very effective.

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