7 Native Advertising Tips from marketing experts

Various promotions, advertisements in various media like rain are now considered a nuisance by consumers. And this makes marketers have to rack their brains by creating new creativity in order to reach the target audience they have set. Because the pattern of behavior of potential consumers is no longer the same. They are tired of advertising.

Along the way, marketers have found various ways to attract people's interest so that at least they know the product they are promoting. For example, with the help of influencers, they create an evolution from the most powerful form of traditional marketing, namely word of mouth.

It doesn't stop there, they have also managed to find a way to create content whose content is intended for promotion but can be disguised as content that doesn't feel like selling. Naturally they can steal the attention of potential consumers with content that can influence their purchase by creating Native Advertising.

Even so, it turns out that there are also many marketers who misinterpret this one marketing strategy. Here are the opinions and tips on native advertising from some reliable marketers.

What is native advertising?

“Native advertising is a form of advertising that is camouflaged and mixed with the usual types of content on a platform. There is a right and wrong way to do this native advertising. Bad native advertising is one that is not suitable when applied to content that has been created, is worthless, makes no sense and is just a paid promotion that can lose the reader's trust. Meanwhile, good native advertising can provide more value to its readers and is located naturally with related platforms to attract audiences.”

- John Hall, CEO of Influence & Co

The essence of native advertising

“The essence of making a good native advertising is to know exactly what is the interest of the targeted group. Knowing this will make it easier for marketers to find out the right content, channel and format for the success of the campaign they are running.”

- Karsten Krämer, Managing Director of C3

Formula for making native advertising

"Storytelling is about making an understanding of a benefit. If you can improve a customer's quality of life by making their complex decisions simpler, or making technical issues easier to solve, that can make a user's life faster and easier, then that is the winning formula (in native advertising).”

- Rickard Lawson, Country Manager Strossle Norway.

The importance of quality content in native advertising

"A content can be long or short, it can be expensive, it can be cheap. Content can also be paid or not, it can be aimed at the wider community or only for specific circles, it can also be custom or time-tested. A content can be created But one thing's for sure, the content has to be well-crafted. Focus on quality and focus on audience. And we need to create content that we're willing to spend time with. If not, what's the point?"

- Armando Turco, General Manager of Vox Creative, Vox Media's branded content studio, USA

Why is native advertising so popular?

"Native advertising is one of the biggest digital advertising trends in recent years. The reason for the popularity of native advertising is due to several factors. First, because of the many rejections and 'banner blindness' of banner display advertising. Second, the growth of social media and content marketing, a place where consumers consume a variety of brand-owned content. And thirdly, because of the explosive development of mobile advertising. And in the development of native advertising, these three factors are interrelated and combine with each other.

Native advertising itself is the future for all digital advertising where content and creativity are at the core of the message the brand wants to convey, and not just displaying an annoying message like 'look at this ad'. All future digital campaigns will need to engage content at some stage in order to capture audience interest and lead to success."

- Dave Lovell, Content and Publishing Director Adyoulike

How to make successful native advertising?

"Actually it's quite simple. Share interesting content, make it exciting and entertaining. Make sure the content we publish has something that can make other people think where our brand or product stands, even though the success of native advertising is more complicated than that , because if not, everyone will be able to make it effectively. One of the inputs, we need to understand what the needs and interests of the audience are, then create content from it. After that, trust the professionals. Because there is great value greater in an expert like a good editor and storyteller."

- Stuart Feil, Adweek Custom Publishing Director

Measuring the effect

"Publishers have been doing advertorials since the 20th century. But basically it's just advertising in the form of articles. And native advertising, especially content marketing should be completely different from that. Native advertising is about raising awareness and being a tool for readers to solve problems them, and not about promoting a product.If publishers don't put this in mind, then in the end it will only undermine the value and price for this native advertising.

After that, of course we need to measure a native advertising. Otherwise, we will never be able to convince advertisers."

- Roland Viin, then Advertising Director Ajakirkade Kirastus As, Estonia

The following are some of the sayings of experts about this native advertising. And if you want to create a native advertising to attract the interest of the audience, please make a brief by clicking the button below.

There is also what is called covert selling. This will be discussed in the next article

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