3 Best time for brain to learn

Not only the body, the human brain has its own rhythm so there is the best time for the brain to learn.

So far, not many people know that the brain has a certain rhythm and the best time. At certain times it becomes a brilliant time for activities such as studying.

Here are the 8 Best Time for Your Brain as the effective time for the brain to do activity.

7 – 9 am (Enthusiasm and passion): is the best time to strengthen the bond with someone because the love hormone is at its highest level.

9 – 11 pm (Creativity): is the most productive time to do your activities. Therefore, if you have a task complete it at this time. This is because the brain releases enough stress hormones so it can focus more.

11 – 2 p.m. (Doing Hard Tasks): This is a good time to do heavy work because sleep hormones drop sharply.

Hours 2 – 3 pm (Rest): is the best time to rest during the day because the intake of blood or oxygen to the brain is somewhat reduced. This hour you will be sleepy so try to rest for a while.

3 pm – 6 pm (Collaboration): is when the brain is really tired so try to do different activities with friends to be more relaxed.

6 p.m. – 8 p.m. (Personal Tasks): This is the best time to do personal tasks because the brain is in the maintenance phase.

8-10 pm (relax): is a good time to relax because you start to feel sleepy due to the increased melatonin hormone.

10 p.m. and up (Time to sleep): this is the best time to sleep.

So, when is the best time for the brain to learn?

The brain can focus usually in the morning because it is still fresh, which is 9-11 am.

The brain will find it easier to concentrate on doing heavy tasks and studying at 11 – 2 pm.

After learning the brain can rest fully by sleeping all night. Therefore, the best time for the brain to study is 6-8 pm.

So take advantage of this best moment so you get optimal results

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