Endorsement in Marketing Strategy? Effective?

Endorse is a popular term in marketing on social media. The practice is called endorsement. In the English dictionary, endorse means endorsement or endorsement. So what is an endorsement? According to the book The Economic Times, endorsement is a form of advertising or promotion that uses well-known figures or celebrities who have the recognition, trust, respect, and so on from many people.

In the booming era of using social media as it is today, the meaning of famous people is starting to expand, which includes those who are considered popular on social media. This group became known as the celebgram. These celebgrams are considered famous people on social media because they have hundreds of thousands of followers or followers, even millions of followers. In the past, popularity belonged to most television artists, but now many artists have arisen because of social media. There is a shift in behavior

In endorsements on social media, the greater the number of followers, the greater the rate charged. In advertising, endorse means using the name of a famous person or it can be a picture of a famous person to promote a product or service.

Register an email With the support of a celebrity who has a lot of influence, is expected to influence sales. Endorsement advertising is a strategy that has only become popular in recent years. Some of the products that are usually quite successful in promoting through the endorse strategy are products or services related to lifestyle.

This is because followers tend to easily follow the attitudes and behaviors of their role models. In addition, products advertised via celebrity endorsements are also more measurable. For example, for endorsement of food or cosmetic products, of course, you can use a celebrity whose number of followers is mostly women or who like to eat.

Engagement rate

The celebrities selected must also be identical to the mask product. Engagement rate However, in endorsements, a large number of followers is not necessarily more effective than a celebrity with a smaller number of followers.

There are several factors that influence the success of endorsement ads. One of the success factors for endorsements is the closeness of the celebrity to its followers. The more familiar, frequent interactions such as questions and answers will be more successful. Because this is a two-way form of communication.

That's why, the measure of success in endorse advertising is through the engagement rate. Engagement rate is the percentage value between the number of followers who are actively interacting on social media.

The higher the engagement rate, the greater the chances of a successful endorsement. The engagement rate can also select the number of fake followers or fake accounts.

Endorsement activities are also not complicated or require a long procedure. Usually, advertisers only need to contact the celebrity via a short message or direct message and then proceed with the transaction.

In essence, everything goes back to the basics of marketing, namely how our products can be widely known. as much. Endorsements are just one marketing tool. Because there are other tools that can be used, we will discuss in another article. Because the more people who know, the higher the percentage of sales.

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