Choose advertising on Facebook or Twitter? which one is the most effective?

Hello friends how are you today? Hope you are well, healthy and lucky. Today I want to talk about how to advertise on Twitter. 

But here we are talking about Twitter Ads, which are official Twitter ads that are managed by Twitter and we pay to Twitter. It's not advertising that you do on Twitter by buying people's tweets or getting paid to promote, endorse. 

Before moving on to discussing how to advertise on Twitter Ads, I want to answer a basic question that is actually much more important to discuss.

The question is: "can these Twitter Ads really bring shoppers to your store without overrunning you in advertising costs?" That's what matters! 

Just imagine what if you could register on Twitter Ads, continue to be able to set this and that setting, upload an image, blah blah blah but in the end: Make a loss! because of the swelling cost.. It's useless, right?? vain

Alright, there are a few things we need to think about to avoid the overdrawn risk that can occur in Twitter Ads. 

The number of daily users of Twitter is lower than Facebook, what I mean here is not the total number of users but the average number of users who are ONLINE in a day. 

According to data from Word Stream shows that in a day, Facebook is used by more than 1.16 billion people in a day, while Twitter is 'only' supported by 235 million people. This data only shows how the popularity of Facebook is still far above Twitter until now. Especially during the pandemic, many activities are carried out at home and there are more online activities than online. This number is definitely higher than the real thing. 

Of course, as an online store owner, you can imagine that your ads on Facebook are more likely to be seen by more people. But wait, let's see again, who knows with a smaller number of daily users, Twitter Ads advertising rates will be cheaper than Facebook advertising rates? 

The answer is: Not really... Twitter Ads ads are much, much more expensive than Facebook ads. 

Here's a price comparison of Twitter ads and Facebook ads. An ad on Facebook costs USD $ 0.59 per impression (impression means the ad is shown to 1000 people). Meanwhile, to display ads to 1000 people on Twitter Ads costs USD $ 3.50. Twitter Ads are almost 600% more expensive! 

This number is not always the same for all types of ads, because each ad has a different level of competition. But this reference is made by Word Stream not for highly competitive ads. 

If the price difference between ads with less competition is 600%, what if you advertise for products with high competition? You can break your wallet.

But there's good news... 

It turns out that the engagement rate on Twitter Ads can reach 3% while on Facebook it's only 0.2%. Engagement rate is the percentage of users who react to your ad whether it clicks, shares, retweets, likes, etc. 

So, let's recalculate. the reaction we spend USD $ 0.11. 

Now let's compare it to Facebook. On Facebook, with USD $ 0.59, we only get 0.2% engagement rate. This means that there are only 2 people who react (either by sharing or liking) and for each reaction we spend USD $ 0.29. 

The results of this calculation show that Twitter users are more reactive than Facebook users. But remember, my brother. Reaction from users can be different for your ad. This depends on the words and images you use in your ad, as well as the placement of the ad on Facebook. 

Well, from this analysis I hope you can imagine the extent of your profit potential by advertising on Twitter Ads. You need to study the characteristics of your consumers more deeply. I suggest you contact your customers who have already bought your product and do a small survey. 

Ask them if they have accounts on Twitter and Facebook. If you have both, ask which one is more actively used. You can also add some other questions that you feel need to be asked regarding the characteristics of your target market. Well, as I promised, I will start explaining about how to advertise on Twitter Ads.

How to Advertise on Twitter

Just click here. Sorry, the tutorial will follow later. Hopefully my writing can be your consideration before deciding to advertise on Twitter Ads. 


To get relevant results from each advertising activity, it is necessary to compare it with other social media such as Instagram, Tik Tok and Google ads. Because the effectiveness of each ad also depends on the characteristics of the user and the purpose of the ad itself

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