A sandstorm as high as 100 meters hit the city of Dunhuang,


Huge storm hits China

China Hits Another Terrible Sandstorm!! It's pitch black like the end of the world | sandstorm in china

Extreme weather hit several cities in China. The storm caused heavy flooding in several areas near the sea.

Meanwhile in Dunhuang city, which is close to the Gobi Desert, there was a very violent sandstorm.

The sky seems to be covered by a large collection of sand and feels like it's getting dark, the number of victims is not yet known

As reported by the South China Morning Post (scmp), the storm brought flying sand rolling under the city sky, Sunday (25/7/2021) afternoon at around 15:00 local time.

This is the time for us to continue to give encouragement and encouragement to help each other and improve the nature around us.

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