Quick Tutorial: How to find Products for Sale on Facebook with Google Trends

How to do product research to sell online – For those of you who are already selling online and are still using conventional/traditional methods, such as tagging your friends, I'm sure your friends will feel uncomfortable, just like you if they arrive for no reason. arrived tagged by your selling friend. And usually you'll Untag, or turn off notifications, or maybe even unfriend you! So sad .. Well in this tutorial I will explain the easy steps for selling online via Facebook.

The right way to sell on Facebook

Before proceeding to the material on how to sell on Facebook, the first thing we must do is determine what products we will sell. You must know for sure your product. You can decide whether to sell goods or services.

So if you don't have it, look for it until you find it. You can start making a list of your skills. Or you can start by writing a list of products that are close to where you are, easy to find, easy to reach and always available. This is important

For example food, or handicraft products or other products. free

But if you're still confused about what to sell, here's a product research tutorial using Google Trends:

1 . Go to https://www.google.co.id/trend

Enter your keywords, for example, you want to sell herbs. Then type "herbs" then press Enter

2. Next enter the name of another product reference (especially for those of you who don't have a product)
How: Click Add Term, enter other products such as shoes, bags, t-shirts and pants

3. Setting the target country, and don't forget to set the time "last 12 months or just 12 months"

4. From the graph, of course you already know what products to sell and you can also see the graph up and down in any month

From the graph the tallest is shoes, the second is bags and clothes, followed by pants

Well, but still adjusted to your product knowledge. If you don't understand shoes, don't sell shoes, if you don't understand bags and clothes, don't sell bags or clothes. From the graph, we can see that our products are currently being searched for in what month and in what month. If you know that next month your product will go down, then quickly cut production costs and vice versa.

Okay, let's say we're going to sell shoes

5. Scroll down, click “shoes” and then click “city”

6. Appearing target cities that match our products (in this case shoes). Try clicking on the name of a city

with google trends you know how many shoes you need, you know what products are selling well in the market

After you know which cities need eating shoes, the next step is to look for potential customers in these cities. If you sell via facebook then your friends must be from these cities. If you use Twitter and Instagram, the followers must be from these cities. You can use WA to send mass messages with other tools, we will discuss later

That was a brief discussion about the right way to do Facebook keyword research for online stores. Hopefully this article is useful for those of you who want to learn to sell online via Facebook.

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