How to Upload Photos and Videos to Instagram via desktop PC

Instagram is one of the most popular mobile applications today. With Instagram allows you to be able to share your most beautiful moments with your friends through photos or videos.

The number of users of the Instagram application is more than 400 million, with 80 million images uploaded every day. woow ... Exceeding the population of 1 country ..

The Instagram application is a new application that appeared after Facebook. And now it has been bought by Facebook. But able to make so many people interested. The application that features this photo is so attractive and has become a hot ground as an effective promotional medium

However, Instagram still has drawbacks, namely, although it can be opened on the web or on a PC, there is no upload button like in the mobile version. Just to give likes and comments.

Of course this makes us online business a bit of a hassle, because we usually store product photos on the computer. So usually if you want to upload on Instagram you have to move it to your smartphone first. An ineffective move

Well, in this article, I will share how you can upload photos or videos on Instagram without the need to install an Android emulator for PC such as bluestacks etc that burden our PC or laptop. Just use a normal browser

  1. Open your browser as usual,
  2. type then login as usual using an existing instagram account
  3. Then right click and select inspect element, as shown above

  4. Ignore the HTML code on the right, you just refresh the page

After the refresh, congratulations, it will become a responsive mobile menu and you can upload images or videos as usual on an Android device, without the need to install an emulator which is sometimes a burden if the PC device is small.

this method can be applied to any device as long as there is a browser.
and if your chrome can't, you can use another browser like EDGE.

Hopefully this short tutorial is useful

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