7 Easy Ways to Make Call To Action Facebook Ads

call to action

How to close ads on facebook? At the end of a Facebook ad, there is usually a closing sentence or a call to action that aims to provoke a response from the target market. To arouse the curiosity of the reader

There are 7 easy ways to close FB ads or commonly called Call to Action (CTA). Use these tips on Facebook ads that have been created

1. Fishing Comments

So we direct the target market to comment.

Example phrases:

- Those who want complete information can leave a comment, okay?

- Just comment first, I'll inbox you right away.

As soon as the target market will comment. Friends, you can continue by replying to comments or inboxing.

2. Link

In addition to comments, we can direct the target market to do something after reading our promotional status with a link. Navigate to the online store, to WA, to the landing page.

Example phrases:

- To get a special offer, you can grab it here (link)

- Those who want can chat here (link)

- More detailed information, can be seen here (link)

3. I can help

Closing this one goal is noble, hehe. We offer help to our Facebook friends, so ads will be smoother.

Example phrases:

– If you don't know where the message is, please contact me because I can help

- Those who haven't registered yet, you can just inbox, I can help later

5 Want it too?

Closing this status to give the impression of ambiguity, where there is the word "too". In this way, the target market will assume this is a natural thing to follow, because someone has done it first.

Example phrases

- Want too?

– Want to come too?

– Want to get the bonus too?

- Want to feel the benefits too?

4. Have you?

In the copywriting technique, this is called an indirect question, aka an indirect question. So actually we direct the target market to do something, but we disguise it with questions. Why disguised? Because no one likes to be told openly, hehe.

Example phrases

- Do you know where to order?

– Already registered here right?

- Do you know where to call?

6 How much

Generally, the closing of advertisements on Facebook is in the form of questions to provoke interaction. The weakness, the target market has room to answer "No"

Example phrases

– How many are interested?

– So how many of you want to come?

7 No CTAs

Yes, not all sales statuses on Facebook need specific directions. There are also those who do not need any direction, but can provoke transactions. More details, will be explained later while entering the contents of the status yes.

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