5 business opportunities in the era of electric vehicles

Electric-based vehicles are now increasingly in demand by the world community, in America, Europe and in Asian countries, technological innovations for electric-fueled vehicles are starting to emerge. 

Indeed, electricity is more efficient and more environmentally friendly, which is one of the factors why people have to start switching from oil-fueled cars to electric cars.

So what business opportunities might emerge when electric cars have really mushroomed in the world? Here are five business opportunities in the electricity sector that you can catch from now on.

1. Charging stations for

electric cars or motorbikes don't need gasoline or diesel, they need "electricity" as fuel. This of course will force gas stations to change their line of business from selling fuel to being a place to charge electric cars.

With the existence of a charging station for a car or an electric motorcycle, it is also possible to create a mini charging station like a mini gas station or a retail fuel seller.

2. General workshops 

certainly will not want to lose to official workshops regarding vehicle service. Currently, you could say there is no public workshop that can handle electric cars because the car population is also not so much compared to conventional vehicles.

At the very least, electric cars will be serviced at the official workshop owned by the Brand Holder Agent. With the proliferation of electric cars, of course this could be a new opportunity for automotive entrepreneurs.

3. Rechargeable batteries

These electric vehicles do not use fuel like conventional vehicles. They use battery technology which for now is still quite expensive.

As the population of these vehicles increases in the world, there will be more and more new players engaged in the field of electric vehicle batteries.

4. Power bank specifically for cars or electric motorcycles.

It's not just cellphones that need charging, electric cars or motorbikes must also be charged because the fuel also uses electricity.

Presumably there will be, of course, the size of the power bank is clearly bigger than the cellphone power bank.

5. Electric car wash

! Why is an electric car wash different from a regular car? For those of you who have a car, you know that not all car washes can wash your car properly. How are you when they have to wash the electric car huh?

The components of electric cars are certainly not the same as conventional cars. Those who have experience in this business and understand the structure of electric cars must dare to open this business.

That's a row of new businesses that have the potential to emerge when electric vehicles are mushrooming in Indonesia. It could be that there will be other new businesses that will appear.

Let's immediately take a position and don't miss this new business opportunity.

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