30 Powerful Chatting Kicks So Prospective Buyers Transfer Immediately

How do I get potential buyers to transfer immediately? Here are 30 effective techniques for potential buyers to immediately make a transfer. This technique needs to be mastered by your team, especially those who deal directly with potential customers through social media so that sales increase

1. Product limitations

This first chat You need to inform that the products sold have limited quota, this chat is important in the info so that the consumer does not delay purchase. The application of this technique is that when the conversation has taken place with the prospective buyer, you can inform them how many product quotas are left. This is to generate encouragement from within from consumers, if they don't transfer immediately, they will run out of products.

2. Indirect chat

The concept of indirect chat is the concept, we inform the promo but it seems as if selling indirectly. For example, we open a conversation about a certain topic, but indirectly we give information about the products we sell. Like a conversation new products

3. Limitation of promos

technique of using this chat is simple, you need to inform that your promo is limited. This limited context can be informed in terms of the promo period. When you use this technique, tell us how many have bought the product. Then the next chat is to inform you that this promo period is limited (it will close soon), for example: Techniques can be applied, one of which is when a pre order or promo takes place. The concept is like a reminder. For example: Hello sir/madam, as info this promo will be closed in 2 days, after that it is no longer valid. Want to buy at promo price or normal price?

4. The price goes up

This technique uses the price increase option to speed up closing. Usually used for promos during the pre-order period. When using this chat technique, try to use visual posters as online brochures. This is to strengthen your chat technique.

5. Inform social proof

What is social proof? Social proof is a selling technique used to prove that the products we sell are proven to be used by many people. For example, if you sell pans, then you need information on how many pans have been sold so far. For example, if you sell herbal products, how many bottles have you sold so far?

For example, when a chat conversation is already in progress. Inform like this. (example) extraordinary has sold more than 3500 bottles

6. Breakdown bonus

Look, the fact is that many buyers often target not only the product but also the bonus product, right? So to get around this pattern of buyer behavior. We need to prepare a bonus. But the bonus here is not just an ordinary bonus. The technique you need to make a detailed list of bonuses. The goal is to impress a lot. This is similar to the bundling technique.

The application is carried out when a chat conversation has taken place, you can post detailed bonus info (describe details) with the aim of encouraging potential buyers to immediately transfer.

7. More and more

this chat technique uses hypno writing moves. That is how to change the mindset of the prospective readers of our chat with the aim of encouraging faster closing. What can be applied? Examples of using the words like this:

The faster the transfer, the faster the delivery process takes place…

The more you make a payment, the faster the activation process…you

Can Imagine how?


Giveaway To apply this method you need to prepare a marketing program, such as a giveaway. This concept is carried out as one of the ammunition to encourage prospective buyers to immediately make a purchase, For example: if you make a purchase today, you are entitled to be included in our free gift program from us….. (determine the prize)

9. Choice Illusion

Technique This technique is simple This technique aims to lock potential buyers into making a purchase. How do you lock it? When you Provide a selection of offers. You need to give a choice. So, our technique is usually like this:

Wrong technique >> Seller: Sir/Madam, do you want to be a transfer or not?

Correct technique >> Seller: Sir/Madam, plan to transfer via paypal or bank account?

Wrong technique >> Seller: Sir/Madam, do you want to buy or not?

Correct technique >> Seller: Sir/Madam, are you planning to buy the previous product or this one?

See, imagine the difference. This technique uses the illusion of choice technique, making our questions purchase choices

seem as if they lead to.

10. Inform testimonials

To apply this method, you need to prepare several testimonials (impressions) obtained by previous buyers. Its application, when a conversation with a potential buyer is already underway. You can directly inform about some of the testimonials of previous buyers/users. Make sure the testimonials are positive and interesting.

TIPS: try to make sure that the testimonials posted in the chat are captured photos of the chat, the goal is to make the testimonials seem more real, not fake

11. Love the visual delivery

This technique is really simple. You can speed up closing via chat, the only way is to post the delivery process that is being carried out. This technique is very powerful, because the prospective buyer can be encouraged to make payments immediately because they see the delivery process. This technique is important to convince potential buyers.

For example, if you sell web, then the gimmick is guidance until you can. (this is what is called value added)

TIPS: Try to make sure that during the process of shipping goods, try to have photo documentation, the goal is that if you want to use this technique, these photos will be needed

12. Gimmick technique

To apply this method you need to prepare a gimmick . What is a gimmick? Gimmick is a value added (added value) so that buyers immediately make payments. Its application, when a conversation with a potential buyer is already underway. You can immediately inform the gimmick…Try

TIPS:to make a list of the benefits in the form of a breakdown list, so that it seems that the profits are more than one and many

13. Tell the advantages if you buy now.

To apply this method you need to prepare some advantages if the buyer makes a payment today. Its application, when a conversation with a potential buyer is already underway. You can immediately inform about the list of advantages if you make a purchase (payment today)

14. Use the word sorry The

use of the word sorry is quite effective to speed up closing via chat. This technique uses the concept of selling expensive. For example: when the buyer has started to ask questions about the product, and a conversation starts, you can use the word sorry. Example: sorry, this product is only available in limited quantities…customize it to your product…

15. Give a bonus right at the beginning immediately

How to use this technique is quite simple, when a prospective buyer starts interacting to ask about the products we sell, you can give a bonus at the beginning. For example like this: Congratulations Mr. Budi! You are a lucky buyer today, you are entitled to a bonus blah blah blah, if you make a payment today before 18.00

TIPS: When informing the bonus at the beginning, try to make an impression of surprises, because the prospective buyer prefers if there is a surprise impression.

16. Give Reason

You prepare several reasons (minimum 5, maximum 7 points reasons) why you should buy your product now. The points of reason must be as attractive as possible so as to encourage people to immediately make a purchase transaction

17. Additional bonus if transfer today This

technique is very simple. You can speed up closing via chat, the only way is to give an additional bonus if you transfer today. This is an additional technique to encourage prospective buyers to immediately transfer

EXAMPLE: Get a bonus MASK if you transfer today, Get an additional bonus product if you transfer before 17.00 today Get a postage subsidy if you transfer today….

18. No funds yet > you can get an initial down

payment. When you have a conversation with the buyer, there will definitely be cases that will prevent someone from being able to make a payment. One of them is because there are no funds. Now the technique that can be done is, by providing a payment option, you can DP first.

The purpose of this technique is to lock potential buyers to keep making purchases, even though they have not been able to pay in full.

TIP: When applying this technique, you need to determine a deadline when the buyer makes a payment.

19. Guarantee Guarantee

This technique is very important. You can speed up closing via chat, how to prepare a warranty guarantee program if your product is damaged. This method is important to implement plus it must be informed in our chat to destroy consumer doubts.

TIPS: Before applying this technique, make sure that the product you are selling is of good quality.

20. Visual quality of the product.

To apply this method, you need to prepare product photos. Even when the shipping process also needs a photo. The point of this technique is that consumers will be much more confident if there are visual photos, especially physical goods. This method is very important, especially if you sell products by selling via online…

21. Chat invitations for meetings

This technique is important to apply so that you can get through the closing, especially for products that require further explanation. For example financial products, educational products, software products. Why do you need a meeting? Because with a meeting you can explain more convincingly

TIPS: Even if you start with a chat technique, try to have a follow-up with a meeting, even if you can treat potential buyers first so that buyers get a good impression of you

22. Posting authoritative users

Why the technique can this have an impact on closing? this concept is similar to endorsement. We need to find a famous person, artist or person in authority who uses our product, so that what we sell can be more convincing.

For example: you post users of your product who are using the product. Usually a selebgram, artist or a mentor.

23. Technique of proof

What is technique of proof? This technique aims to convince potential buyers What to do?

You need to provide a few things, such as: Concrete evidence that the product being sold is indeed efficacious.

If necessary, there are examples of success. For example slimming products, then there are examples that have been successful For example whitening products, then there are examples that work

Why is chat informing this technique important?

Because this is important to convince potential buyers, so that later the buyer will have no

doubts about the product.

24. Limitation of bonuses

This technique is very simple. You can speed up closing via chat, the only way is to inform that the bonus given is only limited. Inform the remaining bonus quota, this goal is important so that the prospective buyer does not delay his purchase.

The bonus can be anything, the important thing is that it is useful for the prospective buyer.

TIP: When preparing this technique, try to prepare the bonus image as well and the remaining info.

25. PS technique, PPS

What is PS technique? This technique is similar to the N,B technique in the letters we usually make. Usually this technique is often found in email marketing. What is the role of this technique? This technique is important to provide reminders and important emphasis on promo information. The goal is that the reader ngeh if there are important points that emphasized


We are sorry quota Ms. limited their products, so who quickly he can Or another example

is now ordered 500 pcs, chat reply is yes ya before running out of

26. Fast Response

To apply this way You need to set up a standard reply system. It could be for those of you who handle live chat or for your team. The point is that you need to standardize it.

Why is fast response so important?

Because this method is very instrumental in accelerating closing.

The faster we respond to the buyer's order request, the more satisfied and the

greater the chance of closing from the buyer.

27. Use of CTA chat

This technique is very simple. I try to explain simply What is a CTA? CTA is Call to Action

A technique to encourage the prospective buyer to immediately transfer by using technique

the contact push. (call to action)

Okay, it's as simple as this for example:

Without CTA:

Order call: 0822xxx

With CTA:

Call +144xx immediately specifically for the fastest 50 Can you imagine the difference?

A CTA plays an important role in reducing the potential buyer's procrastination.

28. Chat flash sale

To apply this method you need to prepare a flash sale marketing program. What are flash sales? Flash sale has a promo program that is usually short in time or has a small product quota. Usually this time constraint is intended so that the buyer does not delay the purchase.

For example: Hello Ms., get a 60% discount on products for tomorrow's purchase (only 1 day)

TIPS: When applying this technique, try to prepare a promo poster, to give an attractive visual impression.

29. Chat to hot markets

To apply this method you need to prepare an educational program to the market, especially the prospect pool.

Why is education important? Because the goal is to make our market from a cold market to a hot market.

Now when you share education regularly in the prospect pool, the market will be closer to you.

Then when you chat to this hot market, the potential for closing will be much greater.

30. Value added chat

What is value added chat?

Value added chat is a chat technique that focuses on providing added value to products/services to prospective buyers.

This technique aims to make the prospective buyer get additional facilities so that there is a greater chance of closing

For example:

  • free consulting services Free
  • check-up services
  • Business analysis services (if coaching business )
  • Delivery service (retail)
  • installation bonus
  • Free shipping

And other examples that can be applied in each business industry

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