13 Simple and Powerful Copywriting Tricks

copywriting trick

How to write copywriting techniques to bring in sales? Well, here are 13 simple and powerful copywriting tricks. Although it is short, it is easy to apply. Here's the contents

  • Just write down the points. It's not a long story. Just as you're reading these tips right now, I used bullet points, right? Remember, it is better to have many paragraphs than too many sentences in each paragraph.
  • In a paragraph, make sure there is only one message. Because the human brain will only catch one message from each paragraph or something we write.
  • Use Bold on words or sentences that you think are important. In addition to using capital letters, you can also use bold to indicate that it is important or to give emphasis.
  • Use uppercase and lowercase letters where appropriate. If you really want to emphasize, then use all caps. If your emphasis is not too strong, then capitalize only at the beginning of words. If you use conjunctions, use lowercase letters.
  • Write for one person. Use the words "you" or "you". Don't use words like: friends, you guys, tweeps, friends, you-you, and the like.
  • Use language that your readers like and understand. Know your target market. Get to know your readers. Use their language.
  • Use pictures/photos or videos. If the media you use is online, complete your copywriting by including images/photos or videos. It will be more interesting for the readers.
  • Write like you Speak. Imagine, as you write, the person you are talking to is in front of you. Write as you speak to appear flexible.
  • If it's on Discount, show them how much money they saved. When you're telling your readers a price, and you're conveying it by providing a Discount or Strikethrough Price, it's also a good idea to tell your readers how much money they've saved.
  • Use encouraging words. If you are confused and blank what to write when writing Copywriting, then use encouraging words such as: if, because, and, or. The sentence if will open the deadlock of imagination
  • Specific. For example, “Hundreds of people are already using this product.” That's a vague sentence! Your credibility is also questioned. Instead, you need to use sentences that include specific numbers. For example, “423 people have used this product.” This sentence shows your credibility more than the previous sentence.
  • Repetition. This is one of the secrets in writing copywriting. I often repeat what I have written. It's not that I'm not aware, in fact I am very aware of it. Its purpose is one: To Give Confidence and Hypnosis Effect to Readers. Note!
  • Get out of your ego, enter the reader's ego. This is the key to the Hypnotic Writing technique. You can also use it in every copy you make. The goal is one: People will do what you tell them to do. Fun, right?

How, can start to be practiced, right

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