11 Powerful Tips for Writing Ads on Facebook Personal

How to make ads on facebook personal? Making an offer on a personal facebook can't be arbitrary, the ad language must be set properly in order to produce the maximum closing as expected.

So in this article, we will discuss secret tips for writing ads on personal Facebook.

1. Full Offer

The point is to tell the full extent of the offer of the product/service you are selling. Tell me what it is. But remember, the ad must contain one of these things

  • What the target market needs
  • The solution to their problem
  • Make them curious
  • Here's an example

Offer: Learning to Be an Entrepreneur "How to advertise effectively through WA and Instagram"

Alluded to: Needs

2. Story Transformation

In short, the ad must have an element of the story. It can tell about yourself, it can tell someone else's experience, or it can tell a consumer's experience. So for the story to be interesting, there must be an element of transformation or change

So you have to see how the products/services, friends, can make – From Zero to Hero – Nobody to Somebody – From nothing to something, From problems, until the problem is solved

3. Educate first, offer later

Suitable for influencing and convincing the target market about their products/services. Make your Facebook status open with practical tips, advice, or useful things. The light topic is light. After that, just below the offer

4. Covert Copywriting

So how do you sell it if you don't offer something? Is it possible? The answer is YES! So, for this technique to work, as much as possible the content of the ad is to make the reader UNDERSTAND or make the reader INTERESTED

5. Behind The Scene

In essence, we tell the reason behind the products/services we sell. Reasons can influence others as much as stories. So one of the tips for writing ads on Facebook, just tell me the reason

6. Benefit Points

Make an ad containing brief points about the benefits of your product/service only. There's no need to expand everywhere to unimportant things or winged words

7. Similarities

One of the good tips for writing Facebook ads is to share similarities with the target market. The trick, friends write down the same experience as experienced by the target market. Then connect it with your product/service

8. Pas

Pas here stands for Problem – Agitate – Solution. How to do it, just follow the formula. First, write down the problem of the target market. Then agitate, aka enlarge the problem, make the target market nervous. After that, tell your friends that you have a solution. You came to report the problem as well as provide a solution to the problem

9. Asking Your Opinion

Uploading an image then asking friends for their opinion about the image is also a surefire step to attract attention. This question is good for capturing potential target market

10. Click Bait

Click bait in the form of an inducement sentence so that Facebook friends want to click on the link that we have included. The contents of the link are complete information about the products that you offer more complete.. For example, here

Learn Copywriting at a cost of 1$/day. You know.

Full details here (link)

The key to this ad is how our sentences provoke the curiosity of Facebook friends.

11. Extreme Urgency

So we write ads with strong boundaries. Examples like this. The discount is only valid today, there are only 3 limited edition products left... and so on

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