The Discovery of Candy by Unpad Indonesia Students That Can Reduce Cigarette Addiction

With the help of their supervisor Rani Maharani, M.Sc., PhD., the five students were Rifky Adhia Pratama (Chemistry), Tiara Zahra Shafira (Accounting), Iis Kurniasih (Chemistry), Endang Juliansyah (Chemistry), and Kevin Reza Reynantha (Administration). Business), succeeded in making candy containing cytisine.

The content of cytisine or natural compounds can help reduce nicotine addiction in smokers. One of the students, Rifky said that this innovation was based on the level of smoking in Indonesia which was considered quite high. According to the Unpad team's search results, Indonesia's smoking prevalence rate. ranks seventh in the world with a smoking percentage of 39.90 percent. For this condition, Rifky and Tim also found a solution by looking for natural compounds that can reduce nicotine addiction in the brain.

Meanwhile, from the search results, it was found that the natural compound cytisine has the ability to bioactivity to prevent the binding of nicotine to receptors in the brain. Rifky explained that Cystine can be obtained from natural plants that are extracted. This is based on the findings of the Unpad team regarding the results of research on cytisine extracts that can be obtained from the genus Laburnum or golden chain tree in sufficient quantities.

In these findings, there were results that the content of cytisine compounds in Laburnum anagyroides was mostly found in the seeds. Laburnum manifold Laburnum anagyroides is sold by farmers in Basinglah as an ornamental plant. The Unpad student team chose lozenges because there were studies that explained the side effects of cytisine tablets sold in Europe. The effects felt by consumers when taking these tablets are nausea and the feeling of wanting to vomit.

Rifky also explained that the team chose lozenges with a chewy texture (chiwi) rather than a solid crystal texture. This is intended so as not to cause nausea when consumed, the team also combined it with fruit flavors. Lozenges products created by Unpad students themselves are given the name "Kokro" which is a syllable reversal of the morpheme "cigarette".

Maybe in the future these findings will be useful for the world's population, it has been proven that smoking can cause various kinds of diseases. It's time for us to live healthy

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