Landing Pages in Online Business

What is a landing page? What is the function of landing pages? How do I create a landing page? These questions are often asked by online business people when they hear the word landing page for the first time

Well, the following article discusses material related to the role of landing pages in a business. So that the discussion is structured, this article discusses with a 5W + 1H perspective. Ok, right away..

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a page on a website that focuses on one goal that we want visitors to do. Remember yes, 1 goal. This is the key word. These goals can be in the form of product offerings, service offerings, or obtaining a database of prospective customers.

You must have entered a landing page that asked for data, whether it was a WA number or an email. In return, later the provider of the landing page will provide gifts such as ebooks, etc. That's an example of a landing page that focuses on one goal, namely to get a database of prospective customers so that it is hoped that these prospective customers can be converted into prospects and so on into customers

Why should you use a landing page?

To answer this, we will start with an everyday example. You must have seen a flyer that was handed out on the street. There are motorcycle loan brochures, AC repairs, business capital loans, etc.

What is stated in the brochure? There are item prices, features, benefits, and contacts that can be contacted. Well, in the online world, the brochure is a landing page. So with a landing page, we can educate or explain in detail about the products or services that we offer to potential customers through the brochure or landing page.

When is the right time to use a landing page?

If your product or service requires more complete information and wants to explain its value to potential customers, use a landing page. Ideally, every time we promote, point to the landing page. Because with potential customers visiting the landing page, we can try to get them to immediately do what we want.

Suppose we want them to make a purchase. Create an attractive landing page design, fill it with clear and complete information, fill it with testimonials and product photos, and create urgency. Don't forget to also install a Facebook Pixel, so that every visitor who comes, is recorded and can be targeted using ads

Where should you use a landing page?

Ok, we return to the analogy of the brochure above. Where do motorcycle sales distribute motorcycle loan brochures to potential customers? Yes, really, on the highway. In addition to high traffic, potential customers are also targeted, namely people who travel by motorbike.

So what about online business? You have to find out first where the potential customers of your product or service gather. Gathered here in terms of what platforms they frequent. We take the example of snacks, with the target market being young people. After research, oh we know that they collect them on Instagram.

We prepare a more specific 'pool' for them to gather. For example, by creating a new Instagram account and sharing interesting content about healthy snacks. The goal is to spread the benefits and find followers. After they have collected enough, direct them to the landing page so that they understand more about the value of the product you are selling. You can post the landing page link in the Instagram bio. That way, every visitor who visits Instagram, will click on the landing page link in the bio

Who should use the landing page?

We recommend that all online businesses use a landing page. So it is better if all online business people who want to develop their business even bigger, it is obligatory to use a landing page. We can't rely on social media so on, because the platform has limitations in its use. Social media is used to gather potential consumers, as I demonstrated above about snacks for education, in the end it will always go to the landing page so that it can be filtered, which ones are potential customers, which ones are not.

Social media is the same as looking for traffic, point to landing pages, landing pages for education. Can't you educate on social media? Yes, you can, but it's limited. It will be more flexible and more credible if you use a landing page

How do you create an attractive and high-converting landing page?

If you have the capital and don't want to bother, just use a landing page creation service. Usually the price for landing page services is in the range of 500 thousand - 1.5 million. But if you want to make it yourself, there are a few things that must be prepared.

First, you must at least have a basic knowledge of wordpress. After that prepare hosting and domain. Then add the tools that can support the landing page, such as plugins and themes. One of the tools to create a landing page that is easy to use and free is the Elementor plugin. The use of Elementor itself is quite easy and there are many tutorials available on Google and YouTube

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