Easy Ways to Write Ads

How the hell, how to write a good ad? Writing an ad is not easy. Writing ads is not just writing, but you need to pay attention to various things so that the advertising objectives can be achieved

So, how do you write an easy ad without a headache? Here are some tips for writing ads

Some of the things below are generally experienced by many people when selling or promoting services or schools or whatever: Like for example

The product is labeled expensive by potential buyers

It's hard to get customers or other people

It's hard to come up with a sentence for the ad

Confused when making ads

A lot of time wasted

The ads are often ignored

And here's a practical formula for how to write an ad that has been used by many people and has been proven to produce results.

So what's the formula?

To make it easy to understand, first the advertising formula, this technique can be called the OMRD technique





Ad Opener

As the name suggests, when you start writing an ad, start with an opening sentence

So if you want the ad to generate sales, then don't write the ad opening sentence carelessly.

The opening sentence of the ad has a very important role.

The task of the opening sentence is to make the ad reader enter a TRANCE state

TRANCE is a natural condition in which a person's attention is absorbed in the activities he does and tends to ignore the surrounding environment. If it is associated with advertising, then trance is a condition where the reader focuses and gives full attention to what he reads.


So after making the readers focus, then we offer our products. Just like the opening sentence, how to write benefits can't be arbitrary.

In the benefits section of this technique, the task is to make potential buyers UNDERSTAND, THEN INTERESTED in what you have to offer.

Sometimes making prospective buyers understand is not enough….


The reason it means is to convince the reader of what you have to offer. Yes, educate your ad readers so you DO NOT DELAY owning the product.


After that, close the ad with INSTRUCTION. So direct the reader to do something

Tell them what to do, what to do….

  • Is it buy?
  • Is reply message?
  • Do leave a comment?
  • Do click links?
  • Or what ?

If you have a question, then open your ad with a question whose answer is "YES".

Tips, make the reader say "YES" at least 3 times.

When they answered "YES" over and over again the name was Yes Set. And when the yes set condition occurs, then that person becomes focused on your ad...

Example of the Yes Set Question Technique:

Do you want to earn more than you currently have?

Do you want to live in peace without having to feel the tight economic conditions at the end of the month?

Do you want to feel financially secure?

"If Ad Readers Agree with What You Say, Then That Means Your Ad Can Get Reader's Attention"

To write this section well we must understand that one key to success in selling something is the transfer of understanding. When you introduce a product to its target market, use these 3 formulas:

Write down how your product/service solves the problem of the target market.

Write down how your product/service delivers what your target market wants.

Write down what difference your target market will feel after having your product or using your service.

The method :

In the ad use the affix "Ter" or "Most"

For example :

These tools are the fastest way to send WhatsApp messages to thousands of people at once.

How to convince ad readers to take immediate action without procrastinating? That is to convince them by providing evidence.

If there is evidence, then potential buyers will be more confident in our offer. can screenshot chat orders, proof of transfers, etc

Now let's talk about how to get the reader to do something. In this section, you can use the word PERMISIVE

Permissive means a word that is giving permission. Use permissive words so as not to seem like telling the reader...

Examples of permissive words: can, can, please

Example phrases:

  • You can register now via this link...
  • You can reply to this message with “I ordered yes”…

  • Those who want this E-Book reply to this chat with * YES I WANT*

This permissive word will be easier for readers to accept because no one likes to be ordered around

The point is…

Open with an opening sentence. Make the reader focus on the ad.

The trick is to use Yes Set questions or Yes Set statements.

After that write the benefits of the product.

Explain how your product is useful to the buyer.

Then leave the impression that your product is a high quality product

Then Reason, convince potential buyers. By providing clear evidence or boundaries

Then close with Directives.

Get the reader to do something with permissive words. So that the reader is not impressed

Thus the article on How to Write Ads easily. May be useful

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