AdSense Alternatives To Make Money From The Internet with CPA Marketing

Cost Per Action

Most beginner bloggers think that being a publisher of Google AdSense (and various other ad networks) is the only way to make money from the internet. Even though there are many other alternatives that are no less tempting if taken seriously. The form of blog monetization is not limited to just placing ads, whether it's banner ads, pop-ups, or others.

You can also start an online business by selling products or services, get sales commissions by becoming an affiliate, selling products or opening a content placement service where we publish an article containing backlinks from advertisers. Of the many forms of monetization, I will discuss one type that (unfortunately) is still less popular than AdSense, namely CPA marketing.

Definition of CPA

I will not explain the meaning of CPA in long sentences so that you understand what the initial concept is like. I will invite you to understand first what affiliate marketing is. Is there anything to do with it? Obviously there is.

Affiliate marketing is one type of marketing where we will get a commission every time a sale occurs. In short, we become intermediaries selling other people's products. When someone buys, the seller will give a commission. We are the 3rd party as an intermediary

CPA or Cost Per Action (some call it Cost Per Acquisition) is a derivative of affiliate. The system is the same, namely getting paid if there is a sale. The difference is the goods that are sold. If the affiliate usually sells physical or digital products, then CPA uses an action where we "seduce" someone to do something advertised on the usual offer page (landing page).

CPA Action Type

It has been explained above that CPA invites visitors to take certain actions. So what are the forms of this action? Here are some examples of CPA actions:

  • Register an email address
  • Subscribe or subscribe to a service
  • Enter mobile number
  • Fill out the form with complete personal data
  • Fill out survey
  • Download files
  • Fill in credit card information
  • Installing applications on smartphones (also known as CPI - Cost Per Install)

Example Illustration

To make you understand more, I give an example using a fictional event.

Suppose you have a landing page that contains information about free ebook services. There are embedded PDF snippets of several pages for free. When someone wants to see the contents in their entirety, you offer a link that leads to the form to fill out. There visitors must write their email address.

When the action or actions are carried out, you successfully "seduce" the visitor to take the required action. That's when you get a commission for the actions other people have done.

Advantages of CPA

Big Commission

Every time you succeed in getting someone to take an action, you will earn commissions ranging from $0.01 to $50 or more. The more difficult the action, the more expensive the commission will be.

Not Thinking About Blog Ranking

All you need is an attractive landing page to attract visitors. You don't have to worry about DA (Domain Authority), PA (Page Authority), Alexa ranking, or position in the SERP because later the landing page will be promoted using paid ads or manual promotions depending on your budget.

Not Afraid of Click Bombs

One of the nightmares of AdSense publishers is when there are pranksters who click excessively on ads on blogs which result in the AdSense account being warned and even banned. CPA does not serve any banner ads so it is safe from unskilled people who bomb click.

No need to wait for the PIN to come

The biggest confusion when I just started as an AdSense publisher is when the PIN has been sent, but after 3 months it doesn't come home (personal experience). If this PIN does not exist, then you cannot get paid even though the total balance has exceeded the minimum specified limit. In CPA, you just focus on selling products and you can PO (Payout) quickly.

No Minimum Payout

AdSense requires publishers to have a minimum balance of $100 if they want to do a PO (Payout). But not so with CPA. There are several networks that do not apply a minimum Payout so that it can be directly withdrawn to the account. 

Disadvantages of CPA

Despite the many advantages, CPA also has disadvantages. Here are some of them

Most of the offers given in a CPA usually have a relatively short time limit. Therefore, a CPA marketer is required to generate leads (sales) as quickly as possible so that optimization using SEO will be difficult. As we know, when applying SEO techniques, and generally SEO takes time to know the results, it can even take months 

So generally CPA players optimize by advertising landing pages. The methods vary, some use Google Ads, Instagram Ads, Facebook Ads, or others. To place an ad, of course, requires capital. However, this fee will be covered when many visitors take action. If there is no capital, manual and free methods can be done, namely by way of promotion on social media which is long and tiring.

In addition there are several types of actions that require leads from certain countries. If there are leads from countries that are not referred to, then they are not counted and will be forfeited. You need to target ads only to the destination country, and each country's advertising costs are different. If you do the manual method with promotions on social media, you have to be smart in filtering accounts that only come from the destination country.

Preparation Before Starting CPA Marketing

You have to prepare several things so you don't encounter many obstacles when starting a CPA business. Some of these things are as follows.

1. Landing Page

The landing page is a single page that contains the offer (offer) of the offered CPA action. Now there are many tools that automatically create landing pages instantly so publishers who don't have CSS or HTML skills can still create attractive landing pages.

2. Capital

As explained above, playing CPA requires initial capital to advertise landing pages. although this is not absolute considering there is still a free way to promote that is manually by offering it through social media. This method is quite tiring and takes a lot of time. Using paid advertising is the best and most effective method. How come you will return your capital when you already have a lot of leads. 

3. Copywriting

Copywriting is a writing technique that is able to persuade readers to take certain actions according to what we want. This technique is commonly used in the world of marketing. It will be discussed in a separate article. A simple example is like this: "Want to make your blog look cooler? Why bother choosing this Blogger theme.

Of course that's a lousy example! Copywriting is an art. It takes a strategy to be able to make the reader "hypnotized" subtly without being overtly forcing.

4. Advertise

Must understand how to advertise effectively so that every dollar that comes out is not wasted. In addition, when there are offers that require leads from certain countries, you must know how to target ads so that they only appear in the destination country. If you don't understand, there are currently many online classes that offer advertising courses on Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google Ads, and the like. There are many services and they are easy to find, if you haven't found one just contact me, we will help. :D

5. English

Currently, the CPA network is dominated by offers devoted to foreign markets. In general, CPA is easier to apply to people who are familiar with using credit cards, because of its practicality. It's different if it's intended for consumers who rarely use credit cards. Although other countries are also possible

But don't worry, all you need is basic English. This is useful during CPA registration interviews, creating landing pages and writing copy.

How to Play CPA

Now is the time to start trying the CPA affiliate business to earn dollars from the internet as an alternative income from other than AdSense. What are the stages? Here's the explanation.

1. Sign up for CPA Network

CPA Network is the name for the party that provides the CPA program. There are hundreds or even thousands of networks spread all over the world. Most of them are good, and some of them are unprofessional. Some are already classified as large companies, some are still small.

You can search the network through the Google search engine. Search, research and be careful in choosing because there are many varieties. For starters, try one of the CPA networks called

About is one of the largest CPA Networks in the world in the field of health & beauty aka health and beauty (Nutra). Sales of its products use the Cash On Delivery (COD) system. You can sign up for an affiliate program, choose a product, and start marketing it.

Wait, how come COD is like selling products, right? Did you say CPA?

So here goes.. when a visitor decides to buy a product, they DO NOT pay directly, but leave their personal contact info. Later there will be someone from the advertiser who confirms the order via telephone. Once confirmed, the order will be delivered. The buyer will pay directly to the person who delivered the order.

Yes, the domain extension is .cash. So the domain name is only dr. short and unique

What does the flow look like? Visitors are still required to take actions as defined by a CPA, namely depositing personal data.

The COD method has a higher sales conversion because visitors don't need to provide credit card information (which is a common thing when shopping online abroad) so it feels more secure. Your opportunity to sell many products is also more wide open. Currently there are approximately 2,400 Nutra offers in the affiliate program with various commissions according to the selected program.

2. Tips to Get Accepted by CPA Network

The CPA registration process is different like AdSense. One of them will be a short interview and you will be asked several things, usually related to blogs or product marketing methods. It's like a job interview. Some networks to call everything! But this is not all, so choose a network that has light conditions first, for example earlier.

To be more convincing and acceptable, try the following tips:

Provide real personal data when registering. Do not try to provide false data.

If you register for a foreign network, don't be afraid of the limited English. Their purpose in contacting during an interview is usually to make sure you are a real person and are serious about joining. Understandably, not a few pranksters and even bots who register.

They are able to differentiate between novice and experienced publishers. So tell the truth if you are still a beginner. Emphasize that you have a strong desire to learn in order to be able to generate a lot of sales. Never pretend to have a lot of experience because it will backfire. Unless you're really experienced.

Again, don't be afraid to speak up. Being shy will only make you look bad. Be confident when you speak basic English.

Have a website or personal blog that can be used as an additional portfolio. This is important to build your brand image.

Wow that sounds scary? For beginners, maybe. But everything will pay off when you are accepted. The commission you get from the CPA is quite large, you know.

Later there will be someone called the Affiliate Manager (AM) who is in charge of guiding you. He's a real person, not a bot whose chat answers are always the same. AM can be used as a discussion partner in carrying out CPA offers or being asked for opinions when there are difficulties. So get on well with AM.

How to Get Traffic For CPA

Broadly speaking, there are two types of traffic sources that can be used as a means of promotion, namely free traffic and paid traffic. Both have been briefly discussed in the paragraph above. We will review a little more so that you are more sure to start doing business at CPA.

1. Free Traffic

As the name implies, free means free. No need to spend a penny to do promotions. Consequently, you have to try harder and spend more time. This method is suitable for beginners who are just starting CPA. Some examples of free traffic include:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is not a new thing in the ears of bloggers and publishers. By doing onpage and offpage optimization, our site will be perched on the first page of search engines without incurring any costs. However, as I discussed above, there are several CPA offers that have short deadlines. Before your site rises in the SERP, the CPA offer may have been completed first.

  1. Social media
  2. Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and the like can be used to attract visitors. It can be promoted directly to the person or by entering a certain group and promoting within the group.
  3. Email Marketing
  4. Forum
  5. Video Marketing (Youtube)

2. Paid Traffic
Paid traffic can also be referred to as advertising. This is a very effective method for affiliate CPA players. Traffic will come faster than having to manually promote. The advertising costs that come out are not much when compared to the commissions that will be obtained. If you have more capital, it never hurts to try paid traffic. There are many types, the most popular are Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, or you can also hire the services of an influencer to promote.

Huh.. the writing is too long. The point is there are other alternatives besides adsense to make money through the internet. There are many other methods, one of which is CPA. Be smart in choosing a CPA Network that suits your abilities and maximize your advertising knowledge so that you can bring in a lot of traffic. Hopefully this CPA marketing business guide can be a little enlightening. Lots of learning and practice is the key. Wish you success

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