5 easy tips so that WhatsApp numbers are not blocked during mass broadcasts

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How to prevent WA numbers from being blocked when broadcasting or broadcasting in bulk? For some people who use WhatsApp as a marketing medium, this may be a common thing

Over time, WhatsApp has become one of the favorite communication features to use. Especially for online businesses and digital marketing players, WhatsApp is one of the media that must be used when communicating with potential buyers

But have you ever experienced, when broadcasting or broadcasting your WhatsApp number is blocked??

Then how do you keep your WhatsApp number from being blocked when broadcasting? 

Well, here are 5 tips that you should understand

1. Understand the people who get broadcast.

When you position yourself, as a person who receives broadcasts from other people. Are you comfortable??

Maybe most of you are not comfortable, especially the broadcast sentence contains elements of selling.

Therefore, you need to make a broadcast message sentence that doesn't always sell, it's better if you provide education or useful messages so that broadcast recipients don't feel sold

2. Use interesting broadcast sentences (short sentences)

The goal is to get instant results when we broadcast messages.

For example :

So that broadcast recipients read the contents of our messages pesan

In order for the broadcast receiver, take action from the content of our message. (call, replay or click link).

3. Use long broadcast sentences.

This broadcast sentence is suitable for you to educate new markets (cold market)

The database requires a lot of information and education on the products or services we sell, the goal is for them to get complete information.

By using long broadcast sentences the challenge is very boring to read.

So it needs a special display to attract the attention of the reader.

Here are tips for making long broadcast sentences:

Broadcast title Using bold (bold)

Important words in the broadcast content use bold or bold writing

Contains educational and useful messages

As much as possible there is no message that contains an element of selling.

Avoid broadcast writing with the word Read more, because the reader will feel it is too long.

4. Tried so that it doesn't bother you

What this means is that you use a special number to broadcast or broadcast messages, so that when the number is blocked, the admin's whatsapp number or main whatsapp number will be safe.

For example :

You use 3 special numbers for broadcast, by directing if you want to buy or asking questions include the main number.

So that the main number only receives messages from the broadcast number directive.

That way your main number will be safe from being blocked.

5. Find your own pattern.

We can manipulate blocked numbers from WhatsApp in various ways.

Therefore, you always explore and explore so that you find your own pattern according to the product or service you are marketing.

Of the five tips above, have you ever practiced it?

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