30+ Examples of Promotional Ads for Broadcast and Social Media Posts

promotional word example

You can spread the following 30+ promotional advertisements via broadcast or via social media posts or whatsapp/telegram. Please select and use as much as 30+ cheats that have been provided. And tailor the ad content to your business.

Example of Promotional Ads For Broadcast

Broadcast Ecourse

For those of you who are not satisfied with the current sales results.

If you ever

– Ignored during promotion

– Difficult to convince prospective buyers not to delay the transfer

– Having trouble writing ads

– Sales have not increased, even tend to decrease

So be careful.

Because it will affect your income.

The principle. .

The more sales you can print, the more income you can earn.

Therefore, if you want to sell MORE aka increase your income, then learn the science of writing copywriting.

Copywriting is writing that is intentionally made for promotional purposes.

If the ads are better, the results will be even better.

And one of the COMPLETE and CHEAPEST places to learn copywriting you can get at INSTANT COPYWRITING

After you register as a participant in this Online Course, you will master

– How to write ads that SELL, even if you're a beginner

– Steps to write an offer that is DIFFICULT TO REJECT potential buyers

– Strategies to make prospects open your ad and feel at home reading it UNTIL THE END

– The secret to making your ad readers want to buy without DELAY

– Techniques for writing advertisements in VARIOUS MEDIA that are proven to produce results

– How to create attractive ads in MINUTES

and others.

In addition to the cool material above, those who are registered will later get facilities such as

– 7 Day Guidance Email.

The contents explain how to write an ad so that prospects want to open the ad, read it to the end, and buy without delay.

– Video Mentoring and Digital Module

In the guidance email, there are videos and modules to help participants better understand the material.

– Discussion groups

Fellow participants, can exchange ideas and help each other. It's more fun to study together.

– Unlimited time-limited question and answer access

You can directly consult, if there is material you want to ask. So really in total support

And the most interesting thing is

– Dozens of Ad Templates

The special Member Area contains dozens of examples of advertisements that can be copied at will.

It contains various types of businesses. Starting from Education, Beauty, Lifestyle, Fashion, Health, Networking, Property, and others. Suitable for anyone.

The registration fee is only 99 thousand.

Yes, less than 100 thousand, and you can get that much benefit.

Before you register,

You need to know that this program is organized by entrepreneurID who has produced more than 40 thousand alumni from online training in a short time.

Said those who have felt the benefits of participating in learning at entrepreneurID

"Thank God, month 11 through Reward 1 CBR, trip to Bangkok, 7 laptops, 8 cellphones, and 540 million Cash Bonus. Thank you for all the knowledge” – Mrs. Anis

“After being guided and focused on the material being taught, I left all the unclear ways of selling. The result is Alhamdulillah, I have achieved a personal record of selling more than 300 products in 1 day” – Mr. Eki

“The pattern in entrepreneurID I practiced in the property business, the results were twoaarrrrr… horrifying… Once a broadcast could get 60 million, because someone bought 2 housing units for a total of 1.2 billion. Wow” – Mr Dian

Now it's your turn to feel the benefits.

Take this opportunity, or leave your business unchanged.

For registration, please directly click www.dimadiun.com

Immediately click the link above, because the registration fee may change in the future.

Book Broadcast

Yess.. Finally found it! How to Make Potential Buyers Give Up

There are various challenges for sales people, right?

Sometimes confused, there are no interesting ideas to write promotional sentences.

Sometimes it's sad, once the advertisement is spread, the response is quiet Even though it's hard and takes a long time to write

Sometimes I get annoyed, when I meet a prospective buyer who says he wants to transfer, but suddenly disappears, there is no news anywhere.

Yes, that's the twist of a seller.

Do you feel it too?

Don't worry, there must be a solution... Yes, that's right

One of them you can find in the book Copywriting Next Level

Those who read this book, will learn 3 main things. . .

First, how to beautify promotional sentences so that advertisements always provoke a response from readers and get more buyers.

Second, how to multiply turnover with just words so that sales results increase by 3-10 times.

And these three books contain practical tips to make their readers write fluently in less than 2 months. Wow so fast

So that after you finish reading the book later.

Your ad is always full of responses,

Do not run out of ideas when writing,

The sales results increased many times, and

Become a reliable copywriting writer in no time

You want to?

This book is 230 pages thick, hard cover and you can have it by pre-order now.

Besides the cool material,

What makes this book very interesting is that in this book the knowledge is practical, accompanied by examples, and equipped with guides.

In fact, if you order the book now, you will automatically get 8 Bonuses.

Among others . . .

Learn Copywriting from scratch through 5 video series, ad correction facility, and applicative ebooks & videos video

One of his Ebooks and Videos is How to Write an ad that doesn't sound like a bargain and Case studies Printed Hundreds of Millions in a Week.

When else can you get material as complete as this other than here?

So how do you get the book?

So that you have this book immediately and don't lose the bonus, immediately reply to this message with "INFO PLISS"

Later, those who reply like that I will provide information on how to have the book, leaked contents of the book, and other details.

Having problems with sales?

This book is the way out.

 Broadcast Fashion

60% discount for the latest Prorock Jacket Pre Order. Very thrifty.

Looking dashing but still elegant is probably the desire of every man.

Because we understand, Prorock will launch a new model like this catalog (link)

The advantage is that you who pre-order now will automatically get a 60% discount.

Alias save up to $ 30 compared to buying at normal prices.

Now, because this information has been conveyed to many people, but stock is limited, then this Pre-Order opportunity is only for 2 days.

Open from 9 today, and close at 9 pm tomorrow, sis

Sorry if you missed the pre-order.

So, while you still have time, grab the special offer.

Please contact our official CS.

Michael +14081xxxxx

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Strong with Prorock Jacket

Broadcast Services

Capital is not up to 2 $ per day You can already have a Professional Online Store?


What? Don't believe it yet?

Even though it has been used by more than 80,000 online businesses in America, you know.

Imagine with only 2$ per day, you can already

– Theme Variations
– Strikethrough Price Feature
– Coupon
– Automatic payments
– Follow Up System
– Own domain
– Live chat
- And many others

Learn more at (link) 

Beauty Broadcast

Look beautiful independently without the need for Make Up Artist services

Make-up has become a daily staple, without make-up it feels like going out without a head. there is something missing

One thing you might need is basic make-up that doesn't clog pores that cause acne.


To help perfect your makeup, this cream is very soft so it's easy to apply and blend evenly on the face using your fingers or a beauty blender. Besides beautifying, this base cream will cover uneven skin tone, dark spots and dark circles around the eyes with a matte finish that can last up to 15 hours.

Using this Bio Natura CReam Cream, is like paying a premium for the services of a makeup artist with flawless makeup, glowing shades of natural bright colors.

Don't be surprised if all the attention is on your bright, smooth skin that glows soft when you put it on

To order, please reply directly to this message. Those who want to ask questions can also visit us at the following link 

Broadcast Lead Magnet

100% Free, Useful For Your Business

I just finished making this ebook.

If anyone feels that their business has been going on for a long time but the results are just like that, then it's a must to read the ebook.

The ebook is 30 pages thick, and in that ebook we can learn

  • Common causes why many businesses run in place
  • 1 important thing that must be the focus in every business
  • Practical steps to turn your business into more profit than before
  • How to make other people fall in love with your business
  • And others

Now, because the content is very useful, I want to share this ebook with you.

Yes, I want to share the ebook for free, 100% free .. hehe.

You want?

If you are curious about the contents of the ebook, immediately reply to this message with "I want the ebook"

Those who reply to my message with that sentence will automatically get the ebook, automatically, hehe. .

I hope the ebook is useful, please share it with others 

Health Broadcast

Who else wants to lose weight up to 12 kg in 1 month?

If you are overweight, it's not good.

It's hard to find clothes that fit, it's easy to get sick, and it's automatic that you don't feel confident. ️

Therefore, for those who have the problem of being overweight, one of the solutions is natural herbal pills

This is the secret of many people to lose weight easily and quickly.

This product is very popular

Delivery per day alone can be up to 50 boxes.

No need to worry about this consumption

Because it is safe without side effects.

You can check the evidence for yourself. Just check on google

For fast response orders, you can directly click (link)

Because fat is not good.

Is not it? haha

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