3 Ways to View Competitor Ads on Instagram and Facebook

Are you curious about the ads on Facebook and Instagram run by your business competitors? Turns out there's a way to see it. How do you see it? Facebook ads only appear briefly on the homepage, after that they are searched again and can't be found.

In the way that Open guest post writes, you can see all active ads that are being run by competitors. This includes ads that may not be shown to you because you are not part of the advertiser's intended audience.

For those of you online businesses who often advertise on Facebook and Instagram, this method can be done to see the advertising techniques run by competitors.

You can of course compare and then evaluate the content and advertisements that are currently or will be running. You can see ads running across Facebook products such as Instagram, Audience Network and Messenger. You can also view and observe video captions, photos, types of ads and additional content from these ads

To see active facebook ads run by competitors, you can see them in the Facebook Ads Gallery. This gallery provides ad transparency by offering a comprehensive and searchable collection of all ads currently running by all users. Anyone can browse the ad gallery, with or without a Facebook or Instagram account.

So, how do you see competitor ads that are running on Facebook and Instagram? Here's the Open guest Post, write down the steps

How to Quickly View Active Ads on FaceBook and Instagram

To see active ads on FB and IG quickly, the steps are as follows:

1. Click the following link

2. Type in keywords related to your competitors, for example I typed “Spatula”. Then a number of Facebook pages will appear as follows.

3. Choose one, for example I choose "Spatula". The one at the top has the most likes. Once clicked, information on the number of active ads appears on all platforms. We also see ads on individual platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network and Messenger. To see it, just click on the filter section

If you choose one of the pages, sometimes no active ads are found, but if after typing the keywords you immediately press enter, you will immediately find active ads. Because not all pages related to keywords advertise

4. To see more detailed ads, scroll down and click “View Ad Details”

How to View Competitor's Active Ads on Facebook

Find the competitor's Fanspage that you want to see Ads on the Facebook search page.

For example, we want to see the ad "Spatula". Then type "Spatula" on the search page, after finding it, just click to see the Fanspage

like the picture above you can also find your competitors' fanpages that are actively advertising.

You can imitate the style of creative writing, writing video images and so on

If you are already logged in, please look for the “Page Transparency” page. If you open the fanspage on a laptop, there is a slight difference in the location of the "Page Transparency" page. If you open it on a laptop, this page is on the right. If you open the fanspage via HP scroll down, the location of the page is above the fanspage post postingan

Under “Page transparency“, click “See more” or “See all

At the very bottom, Click “Open Ad Gallery

After that a page will appear like the page in the previous method

How to View Competitor's Active Ads on Instagram

To see competitor ads that are currently running on Instagram, the steps are as follows

Find the name of the competitor you want to see Ads on on Instagram

Click the hamburger icon or the three dots at the top right

Select “About This Account”

See Active ads at the very bottom. If you click it, you will be directed to the ad gallery on Facebook like the previous 2 ways

It's easy, right? Please analyze the results and you can try to run ads according to your budget

Thus the article about 3 Ways to View Competitor Ads on Facebook & Instagram. May be useful

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