Madiun City Indonesia

In Indonesia, there is 1 city that is very well known, and has been increasingly recognized since the PKI rebellion in 1948. Madiun City became a residency and the city is flanked by 4 other cities, namely Magetan Ngawi Caruban and Ponorogo. The city of Madiun is a sugar producing city in East Java, because there are indeed 5 large sugar factories here. The district area is large and is planted with sugar cane.

Until now, Madiun is known as Kota Gadis, an acronym or stands for City of Commerce and Industry. One of the well-known sugar factories, namely the Rejo Agung Baru Sugar Factory, Madiun. Around the sugar factory there are many old Dutch heritage buildings, usually called loji. A house with a large size and thick walls. But now many are empty and no longer used.

This Dutch heritage factory is not the only one, there are also many other relics such 

as the railway industry. Now it is called INKA. And at present INKA is the largest train factory in Southeast Asia. The railroad industry has crossed the globe in many countries serving train orders.

Madiun City is also called Pecel City, because this food is available almost all the time, no matter the morning afternoon and evening, you will easily find a pecel menu in almost every stall, the price of pecel rice is also very cheap. 1 packet starting from 4000 rupiahs can eat your fill.

In addition to pecel food, there is also a food called brem, a food made from sticky tape juice tastes sweet and soft. usually suitable for by. 

The majority of religions in the city of Madiun are in Islam, but don't worry. madiun is a friendly city, even though it was once controlled by the PKI which rebelled with a coup against the state. Now the PKI is just the monument. Madiun is very beautiful and friendly. You can walk here at a low cost, public transportation is also easy

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