Es Puter Pak Untung Madiun Indonesia

When you travel, the most basic thing that is usually sought after is culinary. In addition to exotic places that are beautiful, it is good to unwind. of course looking for delicious food or drink in that city can be mandatory. 

well, if you go to the city of Madiun, in particular, there is one of the stalls that sells a drink called 'es puter' minimal which has been legendary for a long time and was passed on by generations after. His name is Es puter Pak Untung.

From the photo, the shop is simple and small, but this shop is never empty of visitors. from morning to evening there are always visitors who enjoy here or serve orders via the application.

especially in summer, during the day. Pak lucky's puter ice shop will be even more crowded. Because Madiun has quite hot air.

Es Puter Madiun is located behind the big market in Madiun, on a road that is not too wide. There are many choices of flavors available, from avocado, chocolate, durian, black sticky rice and various kinds. 

About the taste of ice, sorry, I can't describe it because it's delicious. hard to write in words. so you need to come alone to prove my writing

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