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If you travel to the Indonesian island of Java, you must go to the Dieng mountains. Here is the highest village in Indonesia because it is located on the top of a mountain. Dieng area itself is very wide and has many tourist objects. From the forest lake the sun rises and so on.

Dieng has a very cold temperature, within a few hours every morning it can snow in the morning and cover the grass. there are special foods that are very tasty, called Ongklok noodles. In addition to Ongklok noodles, there is a special drink from papaya that can only grow in dieng, called Carica




stiker dieng

mie ongklok dieng


as far as the eye can see around Dieng, there are lots of tea trees, here almost 100% of the population is Muslim. So you can easily find a prayer room or mosque. They are very friendly and kind to tourists. 

The daily lives of its residents are tea farmers and tourism workers. Dieng is also a famous historical temple tourism object. If you travel in Dieng you need to stay at least 3 or 4 nights so you can reach all of its interesting tourist objects.

don't worry about the food, besides there are various kinds of menu choices, the food prices here are also cheap. The residents here are generally prosperous because the economy from tourism is very lively, there are many tourism establishments, inns, and small hotel inns.

to go to Dieng can be reached in a few hours by road, and the road to Dieng has been smooth.

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