DASA PITUTUR (10 Sunan Kalijaga's Advice)

DASA PITUTUR (10 Sunan Kalijaga Advice) 1. Urip Iku Urup: Life is on! Life should benefit others around us. The greater the benefits we can provide, of course the better. 2. Memayu Hayuning Bawana, Ambrasta Dur Hangkara: Humans living in the world must strive for safety, happiness and prosperity, and eradicate anger, Sarakah, and greed. 3. Sura dira jaya jayaningrat, lebur dening pangastuti All hard-hearted, petty characteristics , anger, can only be defeated with an attitude of wisdom, meekness, and patience. 4. Ngluruk tanpa bala, menang tanpa ngasorake, sekti tanpa aji-aji, sugih tanpa bandha Fight without needing to bring the masses; win without humiliating or humiliating; dignified without relying on strength, wealth or power, descent; rich without material basis. 5. Datan serik lamun ketaman, datan susah lamun kelangan Do not get hurt easily when calamity befalls yourself! Don't be sad when you lose something! 6. Aja gumunan, aja getunan, aja kagetan, aja aleman Don't be easily surprised! Don't be sorry easily! Don't be surprised easily! Don't get spoiled or spoiled easily! 7. Aja ketungkul marang kalungguhan, kadonyan lan kemareman Do not be obsessed or confined by the desire to gain position, materiality, and worldly satisfaction! 8. Aja kuminter mundak keblinger, aja cidra mundak cilaka Don't feel the so you don't get the wrong way! Don't like to cheat so you don't get hurt! 9. Aja milik barang kang melok, aja mangro mundak kendo Don't be tempted by things that look luxurious, beautiful, and beautiful! Do not think ambiguously so as not to lose your will and spirit! 10. Aja Adigang, Adigung, Adiguna: Don't be powerful, pretentious, pretentious.

May we always remember and throw away pride, arrogance and greed so that we become lucky humans

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