Asinan Buah, which is legendary in Indonesia.

asinan buah
asinan buah

In every region anywhere, it must have its own uniqueness, uniqueness in various ways. be it culture, people's behavior, language or food. This difference is attractive to others and becomes a matter of pride, because with this uniqueness it will become known by others. just an example of food. in the picture above is a picture of food by by. in West Java it is called asinan Buah, in other places it is called dried fruit candies. 

Strangers might call it fruit candy. It is like candy, although when eaten it does not disappear like candy because it is based on fruit ingredients, it remains fibrous like eating fruit but is dry. 

there are lots of flavor choices depending on the basic ingredients used to make it. Flavors of pineapple, mango, salak, kedondong, tomato, ciplukan etc. 

not only made from fruit, there are also those made from vegetables. the difference is that pickled vegetables are usually not sweet but savory or salty, overseas pickles are not new.

Asinan is a typical food from the Java Barata area such as Cianjur, Sukabumi, Bogor and its surroundings. almost along the way we can meet easily.

but now asinan has been present in many malls across the region. many people like pickled fruit, because it tastes good and sweet. Of course it also contains vitamins.

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