7 Work Abilities That Technology Cannot Change


There are many jobs lost as a result of advancing technology, the use of robots in work, including many traditional professions being replaced by AI (Artificial Intelligence) machines. However, not all workers will be able to be represented by a robot or computer at any time. If you have this ability, your ability will continue to be used and useful.

1. Creativity
However, creativity is the result of reasoning power and pure human abilities, AI cannot replace it. Technology is only capable of realizing creativity and unable to think creatively.

2. Empathy
Machines are inanimate objects created by humans, every movement is a technical ability previously arranged in such a way. It is because of this inanimate object that machines know no feelings, no empathy or compassion. Humans need empathy to help each other. 

3. Assessment
A sense of justice needs to be realized and can only be judged with feelings by law enforcers such as prosecutors, judges and lawyers. Imagine if the duties of judges were replaced by machines, they might not be able to present their demands fairly and wisely. Machines do not have careful considerations. Conflict resolution and negotiation are best carried out by humans who have both emotions and common sense.


5. Planning
Computercan indeed be designed to be able to understand and live the rules of the game. but no matter how good a computer is, he can't make plans. Jobs that require planning skills, such as surgeons operating on patients are still required. War commander, marketing negotiator cannot be replaced by technology. In the future, it is predicted that the problems that come will be more diverse because it requires the ability to plan A to Z plans.

4. Strategy
Playing chess with computers will indeed be difficult to win, due to the limitations of the board and it can be calculated mathematically. After all, the computer has recorded every step. But computers certainly cannot calculate something outside of mathematical logic

6. Physical ability to
play robots will not be able to replace physical activity, even if the robots collide. Because sports such as athletes require physical presence, in contrast to machines that only work only on the program that is made. Athletes will always remain athletes

7. Management of Technology,
Machine of course, can only move if someone moves, manages their behavior. Even if the sophisticated robot is damaged, it will need humans to help repair it, because robots cannot repair themselves. The technology management profession will be in great demand in the future, operators of sophisticated equipment

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