10 Subjects Study in Half a Millionaires in the World

Higher education is not a guarantee of success or wealth for a person. But getting knowledge up to university is still important to work on. Kaufmann Foundation, in its study revealed that 95% of employers have a bachelor's degree while 85% of people with billionaire status have at least a college degree. Their college major was also one that was studied and an interesting fact was found that 52% of billionaires studied one of these 10 college majors. What are the majors?

1. Economy

Of course, economics is a mandatory department, because economics learns how money works and money is always synonymous with wealth, from President Bush to Donald Trump. In this field, you will learn to understand money so there will be a lot of calculation and analysis. This gave the economists the power to control the company's finances and landed them high positions as well as the ability to do business.

2. Accounting

Almost all companies need the knowledge of accounting, the science of calculating the cash flow of money. It is said that accounting knowledge is important for business people to know how to manage finances in order to generate the best profit. This is the department that generates the most millionaires. 

3. Business Administration S2

college major that most billionaires take is a Masters in business administration or what is commonly called an MBA. It is reported that 12% of the rich people surveyed hold this title. The reason is that those who continue to study generally have had good careers after graduating from S1 Business Administration. Apart from becoming more knowledgeable and more titled, they also met other successful people who landed many golden opportunities.

4. Finance

Many employers or holders of high positions majored in finance at university. One of the things that is considered to bring success in this field of study is investment. Knowing how to invest makes graduates better understand what to do to double the money. It is not uncommon for graduates of finance majors to earn high salaries even when they are just graduated and receive more with flight hours.

5. Business Management

In the business management department, students learn how to organize as well as gather teams and solve problems that commonly occur in companies. This makes students learn to become leaders and entrepreneurs. A good leader will certainly lead the company to work more effectively while generating more profits.

6. Mathematics

Mathematics is known as a field of study that is difficult to learn, not only adding subtraction, division and multiplication, complex mathematics is needed in every activity. No wonder the people who master it get high income and even become millionaires. Not only does it make students master computation, this knowledge will also hone logic, critical thinking, and data analysis that can be applied to various fields of work.

7. Computer Science In

a digital era, the computer science profession is always needed, because it has become a digital basis. The rise of applications on smart devices cannot be separated from their role, hardware software and so on. This profession is always needed everywhere. The department teaches practical knowledge needed in the work industry. Apart from that, tech companies are also known to pay their employees high salaries. That's why many rich people come from this field.

8. S1 Business Administration

The difference with business management, this department is more focused on how to develop the company than on its human resources. Therefore, in this field of study you will learn how to formulate strategies to conduct market research which is also an important provision for later becoming an entrepreneur.

9. Law

Attorney is also one of the highest paying jobs. Almost every activity currently involves the law, processing permits, legality, disputes and others, which must involve the law. That profession can earn a large income even when you just graduated from university. Those who earn high salaries usually work as partners in law firms or they open their own firms.

10. Engineering

A wide variety of engineering majors are capable of producing highly paid workers. Not everyone has technical skills, sometimes engineering produces specialists and rare skills or professions. This limited ability is what is able to make a lot of money because this profession is rarely controlled by people while they require a lot of their technical expertise. Generally they set up their own business instead of being company employees.

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